News from the Elm Heights Meat Counter

They are here at Elm Heights.  Traditionally called "Galbi" in Korean, this is a special cut of Beef Short Ribs that is perfect for that marinade you’ve been wanting to try.  Traditionally Korean marinades consist of soy sauce, garlic, and sugar, but any beef marinade would work.  These come from Fischer Farms and retail at $5.29/lb.  Come in today and try some!

I know when you think of Indiana, your first thought is probably not fresh seafood.  However, here at Bloomingfoods Elm Heights, we are able to get the freshest seafood possible.  All seafood at Elm Heights is flown in next day with three possible deliveries a week.  Come in today and check out the different varieties and competitive pricing.  Seafood selections include:

Sockeye Salmon
Coho Salmon
Great Lakes
Rainbow Trout
Pacific Halibut
Icelandic Arctic Char
Gulf Shrimp
Atlantic Scallops
…and much more!

Have you ever asked yourself if there is such a thing as too much bacon?  I have, and I have come up with the same answer everytime: ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Here at Bloomingfoods, we have several different varieties of bacon from which to choose.  For all you members out there, we have the Beeler’s Uncured Bacon for $5.99, regular price $6.49!  Not into all the grease?  Check out the varieties of Turkey Bacon that we carry including Garrett Valley Turkey Bacon and Garrett Valley Peppered Turkey Bacon, both at $4.29 per package.  Don’t want a lot?  Come up to the meat counter where we offer Dewig Platter Bacon at $5.99/lb!  Whatever your bacon needs, Bloomingfoods has you covered.

Josh Hermes
Fresh Meat Merchandiser