Wanted: A Few Good Cooperators for the Board


There are three at-large director positions for three year terms up for election this year. We need a few good people to fill these positions. If you are interested in serving your co-op and your community, please consider running for the board. Last month’s newsletter put out the first call for BCS Board candidates for this election cycle, and let you know the type of candidate we seek, and the skill sets that we feel helps make for a good Board member. This month, we’ll let you know what’s expected of a board member, talk a little about our governance system, and fill you in on the nomination process and timeline.


What is expected of Bloomingfoods/BCS board members?

• To fulfill a solid three year commitment to being member of the Board of Directors.

• To prepare for, and attend monthly board meetings. Board meetings are typically two hours, and prep time for meetings is roughly the same.

• Attendance at two board education/retreat/planning sessions—one a half day, the other roughly two days.

• Active participation in board meetings, any scheduled owner engagement events, any necessary committee work or training sessions, and recruiting activities.

• A professional approach and attitude, including confidentiality when appropriate.

• The desire to be part of a growing organization that helps strengthen our community, and to have fun doing it.

Board members should have a willingness to work together with others, utilizing understanding, mutual support, and respect to make group decisions that will enhance the co-op and our community. Individuals are welcome to attend a BCS/Bloomingfoods board meeting to see if they are interested in becoming a candidate. Please contact Heather Beery at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 812 336-5300 to express interest in doing so.


What is Policy Governance?

The Board of Directors at Bloomington Cooperative Services operates using a governance model known as Policy Governance. This system emphasizes broad goals for our General Manager and staff known as Ends, and at the same time provides clear guidelines for said staff as to what they cannot do, known as Limitations. Over the years, the Board has developed policies outlining board process, delegation of authority to management and the limitations that management may have, as well as the ends to which management is working. Management then reports to the board via written monitoring reports regarding compliance with these policies. This model of board leadership allows the board to focus on “the big picture”– leading, learning, and visioning (and monitoring policy compliance), and using little of its time making operational decisions.

What is the BCS board nomination process? The process is very straight forward. Stop by any of our retail locations and pick up a Board Nominations Packet, available on April 1, 2013. Complete the nomination form and questions, attach a photograph (300 dpi) and return the packet to a store by the deadline. Packets may also be returned electronically to kirkwood [at] bloomingfoods.coop or mail it to:

BOD Nominations Committee 
c/o Bloomingfoods
117 S. Gentry St.
Bloomington, Indiana 47404

Deadline for the packets to be returned is June 1, 2013.

For questions or for more information please contact Tim Clougher, BCS Nominations Chair 2013 at timclougher [at] sbcglobal.net or Heather Beery at kirkwood [at] bloomingfoods.coop.


BCS Board Nominations and Election Timeline

April 1 – Packets available at all store locations

June 1 – Deadline for submission of completed packets

June 2-19 – Board Perpetuation Committee reviews packets and interviews candidates

June 30 – Slate of candidates selected and published by Board Perpetuation Committee

August 1 – Petitions for candidacy due by 5pm for any non-slated candidates

September 1 – Candidate statements published in Bloomingnews. Voting is opened up to BCS membership.

September 30 – All ballots due by midnight

October 10 – Announce results of election