Announcing Our New Board

Carol Bridges
Secretary, BCS Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the newly elected and re-elected Bloomington Cooperative Services board members: Janice Lilly (new), Joellan Muyskens (returning), Art Sherwood (new), and Donna Stroup (returning).

We wish we could have included everyone who ran, due to the high quality skills and dedication each person offered. However, there are many more ways to become involved in your co-op. Please feel free to take part in some of our volunteer opportunities – we would love to get to know you as part of the working team – and consider running for a board position in 2009!

From a mailing of roughly 6000, we received about 10 - 11% return; the common return rate for any mailing about anything. From our nearly 7000 members, we received 622 verifiable votes. Due to the lack of a member number on the mailing envelope or an invalid member number, 48 votes were not eligible to be counted; however, this would not have affected the outcome.

If you did not receive a ballot in the mail or have moved, please update your address. The administrative staff re-mailed all of the returns marked "not at this address" to the forwarding address, but some of these were also obsolete. Please keep us informed so that your vote counts. Cooperative governance is one of the things that makes co-ops unique: they are overseen by elected member-owners.