NWS Garden Center to Expand this Spring

Our garden center at the West Sixth Street store, 2 blocks west of Courthouse Square, will undergo a significant expansion this spring, with a focus on urban, container gardening. We have vegetable, flower, and herb seeds available from Renee's Garden, the Seed Savers Exchange, Red Rosa Farms, and Nature's Crossroads. Schlegel Greenhouse in Indianapolis and Bennett's Greenhouse in Lafayette will be among the companies providing us with flowers and bedding plants. We'll also feature bird baths from Clay City and colorful Mexican pottery from Carlota Gardens. (The folks who run this latter business also operate a non-profit corp. focusing on the exploration, preservation, and conservation of the Sierra Mazateca in Oaxaca, Mexico.)

Are you interested in expanding your gardening activity but need a little guidance? We now have in stock the following books to help ensure your success: The Backyard Homestead; Grow, Cook, Eat; The Complete Guide To Seed Saving; The Kitchen Gardener's Handbook; and Your Farm in The City