BloomingArts: Youth Art Month

March is Youth Art Month, and in recognition of this we are featuring the work of Stella Winterman in our stores.

Stella is a freshman at Bloomington High School South and has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a marker in her hand. She has since developed a love for art using a variety of tools and methods. She especially loves screen-printing, which she first learned from Danielle Urschel at Rhino's Youth Center.  Stella has been resourceful, often using nontraditional materials. She is self-directed in her art, and often improvises based on what intrigues her at the moment.

In her work, Stella uses pens, pencils, paper, fabrics, acrylics, watercolors, wood, and more. Stella's ambition is inexhaustible, and she continues to imagine new ways to express herself. Her independence of any specific medium allows her to see a future in art that is not bound to specific tools or materials. Stella also plays cello in Hoosier Youth Philharmonic, and she looks forward to learning to sew and cook.

The BloomingArts Series exists to support and promote emerging artists, highlight community organizations, and provide artists in neighboring counties a place to show their work in Bloomington. We use the café spaces at our East 3rd Street, West 6th Street, and Kirkwood locations to feature new art each month. Inquiries: contact Member Services Coordinator Jean Kautt.