Hartzler Family Dairy Milk and Rolled Butter

We’re pleased to announce that we now carry Hartzler Family Dairy milk and rolled butter.

Hartzler Family Farm is located in nearby Wooster, Ohio, near Cleveland. Their products are distributed by our friends at Tiny Footprint Distribution.

Because this is a regional product from a small producer, distributed through a small company, Hartzler milk and butter qualify as a Principle Six product—one we encourage you to support because of the value they add to sustaining a diversity of quality small, local and co-op products in the marketplace.

How – and Why – to Drink Hartzler Milk

Here's the word on this milk from the dairy: “Whether you drink it straight from the bottle (we won't tell your mom), or from a favorite glass, there's one thing you need to do first: SHAKE BEFORE DRINKING!" That's because Hartzler milk is all natural and the cream rises to the top. Here are some other features of the milk:

  • • No chemical pesticides or herbicides have been used on on Hartzler family farms since 1964.
  • • No GMO seeds are used on Hartzler farms.
  • • The farms, herds, and dairy processing plant are managed by the Hartzler family, assuring the company total control of the natural standards on which they insist.
  • • Hartzler milk is gently pasteurized at low temperature to assure the safety of the product without negatively affecting the milk’s flavor or nutrient values.
  • • Hartzler milk is not homogenized. This leaves the cream is its natural state, allowing you to digest it easily.

More Enzymes Promote Proper Digestion

Because of the processing used, Hartzler’s milk contains more intact enzymes than milk produced by most commercial dairies. What enables Hartzler’s milk to retain a high enzyme concentration is our low-temperature vat pasteurization process.

Most milk producers utilize a standard high-temperature pasteurization technique that also destroys beneficial enzymes. Without these enzymes, milk can be very difficult to digest. The human pancreas is not always able to produce these enzymes, and drinking conventional milk can overstress the pancreas, sometimes leading to diabetes and other health conditions.

Many people who have been told they are lactose-intolerant can drink Hartzler’s milk without any problems. (Find Consumer Testimonials here.) This is because Hartzler milk contains the digestive enzyme lactase. "Without lactase to help break down the milk sugar lactose, the human body cannot assimilate the milk sugar," says the company. Here is more information about the milk.

Hartzler's Glass Bottles

One of the unique thinkgs about Hartzler milk is that it comes in 1/2 gallon glass milk bottles, recalling the way milk used to be stored and distributed. We encourage the return of these bottles by offering a deposit on each one. When shoppers return the bottles, we pass them back to Hartzler Dairy. They wash and sanitize each bottle, with every batch being quality and safety inspected. Then the bottles are put back into the production line to once again be filled with milk and distributed.

“Reusing glass bottles is nothing new to Hartzler’s. We’re still seeing the return of bottles with labels from over 10-years ago!," says the company. Bottles can be returned to any Bloomingfoods location. Each bottle nets a $1.50 deposit, or the deposit can be credited toward the purchase of more Hartzler milk.

You can watch a short video of the Hartlzler milk bottling process here.