Place Your Order for a Rain Barrel

It's the last few days to place your order for a rain barrel with the Monroe County Soil and Water District. You can order your rain barrel from their office directly, where they'll be available for pick-up later in the season.

Call the office for details (812-334-4325, extension 115), or visit You can download the order form here.

These are durable, food grade 55-gallon plastic rain barrels, recycled from use as food containers. All the necessary valves are included, as well as a mesh screen for the top of the barrel.

Rain barrels are available in blue, terre cotta, black, and gray. Please place your order by April 29, 2013, or check with the office to see if extras are on hand.The full cost for a rain barrel, including tax, is $80.25.

There's a limited 50% cost share available for Monroe County residents who live outside city limits, using County Highway funds. Qualified buyers (first come, first served) pay the full price up front, and then receive a reimbursement check for $37.50.

Why let all that good water run downhill? We don't! Here's the rain barrel at our West Sixth Street store.