Meet Dan Imhoff, Advocate for Farm Bill Reform

Bloomingfoods Near West Side Community Room

Tuesday, April 16, Noon – 2pm

We are pleased to host a meeting with Dan Imhoff, an advocate for Farm Bill and CAFO Reform. Dan will talk about why the Farm Bill matters, and let us know how we can be involved in efforts to reshape it.

Dan is the co-founder and president of Watershed Media and the Wild Farm Alliance.

If you eat, pay taxes, use SNAP benefits, or have a school-age child, this talk is for you!

Every five to seven years legislators pass a bill that allocates $100 billion per year for food assistance, crop subsidies, conservation, organic research, and dozens of other essential programs. It's known as the Farm Bill.

Dan Imhoff is an author, homestead farmer, and musician. He has concentrated for over 20 years on issues related to the environment, design, food and agriculture. Dan's many books include Food Fight: The Citizen's Guide to the Next Food and Farm Bill, CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories, and Farming with the Wild.

The Farm Bill originally sprung from the crisis of the Great Depression and ever since it has been shaping the ways we farm, what foods are on our tables, and how we take care of our land. Today, as we grapple with diminishing oil reserves, a changing climate, nutritional epidemics, and other challenges, our food and farm policies are more important that ever.


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