Cures for the Summertime Gardening Blues

Now that your garden is in and your  beans, tomatoes, zucchini and other long-awaited delicacies are almost ready to eat, perhaps something seems to be going wrong.  Your kale – or what’s left of it – is covered with green inch worms.  Those “ladybugs” are skeletonizing your bean leaves, and their cousins are right at home in the cukes.   There’s moldy sticky stuff all over your grapes, and ants are herding these small, pale green bugs.  The squash leaves suddenly wilt, even though we’ve had plenty of rain. That tomato you’ve looked forward to eating turned leathery black on the bottom.  And to top it off, moles are tearing up your yard.

What better time to stop by the Bloomingfoods Garden Center and talk with our staff people who are actual gardeners.  Bring in a sample of the problem if you can.  We have a wide variety of physical, organic, chemical, and biological remedies to halt just about any pest in its tracks.  Even deer.  Most of the time.

If your garden needs a little pick-me-up, we also carry specialty fertilizers, Abundant Harvest plant food, mycorrhizae (symbiotic microorganisms), earthworm castings, and several kinds of bagged compost.  We still have several Earth Machine compost barrels in stock; they’ll make good use of your fall leaves.

It’s not too early to be planning your Winter Harvest garden.  Most crops should be planted by Labor Day. The Garden Center will be carrying cold frames and supplies for making hoop houses so your gardening experience can extend year around. Check out Eliot Coleman’s books for ideas.

And after a day of gardening (“playing in the dirt” for adults), you can relax, watching the goldfinches and cardinals at your bird feeders; we have all the birding supplies you need in our expanded area in the Patio Room.

Written by
Chris Bobbitt
Bloomingfoods East Garden Center