Coffee News: New Blends and a Bar

Webb in the Elm Heights Coffee BarThe coffee bar at Elm Heights is now open! Featuring espresso and brewed coffee from Brown County Coffee, stop by anytime from 7am-9pm Monday thru Saturday or 8am-8pm on Sunday to meet our crew and taste some of their favorite coffee drinks. The Coffee Bar is currently featuring our signature P&Q Ethiopia/Indonesia blend as our cold brewed ice coffee. Keep reading to learn more about our signature coffee blends, available in bulk at all our stores and be sure to stop by our newest location to try out the coffee bar!

This past spring, yours truly was invited to participate in the creation of some Bloomingfoods signature coffee blends in partnership with the local roaster Partridge & Quigley. Our goal was to create a line of coffees that reflected Bloomingfoods mission to promote artisanal products from local sources.

Look out for three new blends coming to the bulk department this month; each was produced with a different profile in mind. The first is the “South America/ Indonesia Blend” which features beans from Guatemala Antigua, Columbia, and Sumatra. The base of this coffee is the balanced flavor of Columbian Supremo with its mildly nutty flavor. The addition of the Guatemalan coffee brings a fruity aroma that is rounded out by the smokier finish of the Sumatran bean. This blend was a hit at the office and a whole pound disappeared within two days.

Second, we have the “Mexico/Costa Rica Blend”. This is a medium bodied coffee which is great for your everyday joe. Mexico offers a bean that tastes of hazelnuts and milk chocolate while Costa Rica provides hints of berries. A medium roast, this will stand up to a touch of cream, but doesn’t need too much to sweeten its mild aromas.

Finally we have a blend which features the distinct flavors of the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. The “Ethiopia/Indonesia Blend” is a flavor for those who like to stand out from the crowd. Not everyone likes the sweet wine aroma of beans from the Yirgacheffe coffee growing region of Ethiopia, but personally this is the coffee I live for. We added Sumatran beans to this blend to round out the flavor profile and bring it back down to earth; which is exactly what Indonesian coffees are known for—their bold caramel flavors with a hint of earthiness. Even though this blend is the lightest of the three roasts, it is best brewed strong (you might even try it as an espresso) and enjoyed right away. Alternatively, this would be a perfect blend for a cold-brewed iced coffee which removes much of the acidity from the fruity Ethiopian while still highlighting the bright finish.

Come in and try these new blends and tell us what you think!

Also drop by Elm Heights Coffee Bar where we might be sampling one of these in a cold-brew or a single-cup. Any of our coffee bar staff will be happy to field any questions you have on the best way to brew at home or at the office.

See you there!
Webb Lucas
Coffee Counter Supervisor and resident coffee geek.