Schacht Farm Turkeys

Schacht Farm Free-Range, Pastured, “Bronze” Turkeys

We are proud to offer turkeys again this year from local growers Matt and Mandy Corry of Schacht Farm, right here on the southern outskirts of Bloomington, off East Schacht Road.

They raise free-range chickens for eggs and meat, free-range turkeys, pastured hogs and grass-fed (and finished) cattle. Both their land and their animals are managed naturally, without the use of chemicals of any kind. Animals are raised outdoors in their natural environment where they are free to express their species-specific behaviors. They believe this makes for happy animals and ultimately, healthy customers.

The day old poulets arrive in July, spending the summer and fall months foraging on their lush pastures after a short stay in the brooder (poultry nursery). Like the chickens, they are provided with shelter from the sun, wind and rain, but are free to come and go from these shelters as they please. The turkeys receive around 70% of their diet from forage and bugs, with the remainder of their diet coming from local grains and organic supplements.


The Bronze has been the most popular turkey variety for most of American history. It originated from crosses between the domestic turkeys brought by European colonists to the Americas and the eastern wild turkeys they found upon their arrival. The hybrid vigor of this cross results in turkey stocks that were larger and more vigorous than the European birds, and they were also much tamer than wild turkeys. The coppery-bronze colored metallic sheen, which gives the variety its name, was part of the inheritance from its wild ancestors.

Price is $4.49 per pound

All turkeys will be between 16-22 lbs.


Schacht Farm Turkeys will be available for pick up on Sunday, November 24th.  Pre-order your turkey through November 15th.