Jameson Coffee

When sharing stories about Thanksgiving, one of our staff mentioned that her husband had picked up Jameson Coffee for the holiday. You may have noticed the bright white bags of organic, certified fair trade coffee we offer by this local distributor.

"It was like the whole house filled with this delicious fresh coffee smell," she noted. "And the coffee was excellent!"

Based in Greencastle, IN, Jameson Coffee is a local distributor of fresh roasted beans.

Started by Chris Williamson and his wife Tina, the company also employs sales manager Steve Fields, an avid sports enthusiast and professional sports writer. (Full disclosure: these folks are Purdue fans! But don't let that stop you from brewing up a pot during IU games: we're all local, right?)

The company is driven by the passion to "provide the highest quality and most unique fresh roasted coffee found anywhere in the world." They also strive to provide unequaled customer service, offering small batch fresh roasted coffee, roasted to order for custom markets and shipped or delivered within 24 hours.

Jameson Coffee uses traditional old world methods of roasting their beans by means of a small batch drum roaster. "Roasting coffee is the dynamic transformation of the seed (or bean) of the coffee cherry under the extreme elements of heat, air and time," they explain.

"The coffee bean is transformed through this process from its harvested and processed green state to the brown finish color we are so familiar with. Roasted properly, with care and attention, the sugars in the bean caramelize to a delicate and appetizing degree of taste." The Jameson roasting process is controlled by hand (and not by computer) in order to develop the coffee to its optimum level.

The roast level for most Jameson Coffees is a mix between a 'City Roast' and 'Full City Roast', resulting in a level on the dark side of a medium roast. Contrary to the very dark roast or almost burnt profiles of many other roasters, the Jameson goal is to achieve what they call the 'Sweet Spot' in the bean. The 'Sweet Spot' exposes the most notable, desirable and delicate characteristics of the coffee. Try some soon and experience the aroma, flavor, and pleasure offered by a coffee made with these fine-roasted beans.