In a Lather over the Laundry?

ImageIt's about time, and about packaging. In 2007 - 08, most of the largest brands of liquid laundry detergent are planning to convert their products to 2x ultra concentrated formulations. Finally! Seventh Generation, a leader in environmental home products, is ahead of the curve: it has already converted its top liquid laundry soaps to 2x concentrates, during the first three months of 2008.

We have the new product on sale in our stores.Concentrated laundry detergent is accomplished by removing water from the detergent. This water is inconsequential to performance once the soap is added to the water already needed for a load of wash.

As Seventh Generation notes, everyone wins with 2x concentrates.

Environment: In addition to the water saved in producing 2x concentrates, the positive environmental impact results from a combination of significantly less packaging, lower transportation costs, and less post-consumer waste for recycling or landfills.

Consumers: Besides the environmental advantages, consumers benefit from the convenience of smaller packages. They may pay less too, on a per load basis, for their soap.

Retailers/Wholesalers: Stores like Bloomingfoods benefit because it takes less space to stock and inventory 2x concentrated laundry detergent. In our stores, where space is premium, this is a huge plus.

Manufacturers: 2x concentrated laundry detergent results in savings all along the supply chain. It also promises to improve consumer satisfaction.

We're happy to offer the new Seventh Generation 2x laundry detergent formulas for sale at our stores. No, the packages aren't the only thing to have shrunk: honey, we shrunk the amount of water in the soap! Pay attention when you use the new concentrates, to the smaller amount of detergent you need per load.

Let's concentrate and get out of hot water! With 2x concentrates from Seventh Generation, the first natural brand to make a large-scale conversion, we can help save 970,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2008. And the best news of all: this laundry soap is just as effective in cold water, saving money and energy on that score as well.

Seventh Generation doesn't contain harmful chemicals either, so it is safer for your body. The use of conventional perfumed laundry soap results in the absorption of those chemicals into the skin.