LIFE (Local Indiana Farm Enterprises) Produce Report

ImageI wanted to let our friends at Bloomingfoods know how things are going with the LIFE farm and what sorts of delicious veggies they can expect this season. We have lots in the growing for the co-op! (And note: there are no problems with our tomatoes! Look for the LIFE sticker)

We start our main food delivery to both Bloomingfoods East and Near West Side this week (June 13). This should include cherry tomatoes and potentially slicer tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes. Over the course of the season, the following is planted for the co-op: multiple varieties of tomatoes, summer squash (yellow and green), bell peppers, cucumbers, green beans, greens, winter squash, melons (honey dew, watermelon and cantaloupe) and herbs (e.g. basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, dill, mint, chives, sage). There will likely be other produce as well, but this is the core.

And finally a huge thanks to all the folks of Bloomingfoods that have been so excellent to us. Truly a pleasure working with such fine people,