Cut Your Carbon Emissions Workshop

Carbon dioxide (CO2), which traps heat in the atmosphere, is the chief human contribution to global warming. We are responsible for sending CO2 into the atmosphere when we cool our homes, drive to the store, make a cup of tea, take a bath, or watch TV. By carefully adjusting our daily routines and making small changes in our homes, we can reduce the CO2 we are responsible for emitting- our “carbon footprint” – and help curb climate change.
In these workshops, learn how to calculate, monitor and reduce your carbon footprint while also reducing your energy bills. Using a nationally tested program and workbook, you’ll choose what you want to do to reduce your carbon footprint and how to put your choices into action.
To participate, pick the workshop that fits your schedule and contact the facilitator. A $10 suggested donation to cover the cost of the workbook can be given to the facilitator at the workshop. Note: The Monday and Tuesday workshops meet four times to give participants time to share ideas and experiences and put information into action.

Workshop Info for Cut Your Carbon Emissions