Reverse Trick-or-Treating

ImageWe will be giving away Reverse Trick-or-Treating Kits, on a first-come first served basis, to kids at our Truckload Sale on October 18th and 19th, in the parking lot of East Bloomingfoods. They contain samples of chocolate donated by Equal Exchange, a Massachusetts worker cooperative and Fair Trade pioneer. Children will be able to give them away when trick-or-treating on Halloween, to help spread the word about fair trade chocolate and why it is better than “the other kind.”
The Fair Trade movement asks how we can all help make chocolate more delicious – because for now, chocolate is a bitter sweet. Despite years of promises from major chocolate manufacturers, little has been done to tackle the documented problem of forced child labor on many farms that supply their cocoa. Moreover, low cocoa prices have left cocoa farmers in poverty year after year.
       • 284,000 children toil in abusive labor conditions in West Africa’s cocoa fields
       • Cocoa companies pay prices so low that many cocoa farmers cannot meet their
              families’ basic needs
But we can fix all that. With Fair Trade certified chocolate:
       • Forced and abusive child labor are prohibited
       • Farming families earn a price that is adequate to meet their basic human needs
       • Environmentally sustainable production methods are required
Equal Exchange is proud to use only Fair Trade Certified organic cocoa and sugar for their 9 varieties of chocolate bars, hot cocoa mix, spicy hot cocoa, drinking chocolate, and baking cocoa powder. The cocoa and sugar are sourced from democratically organized small farmer cooperatives in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, and Paraguay. Read more about the program: