Time for Tzimmes!

Tzimmes is a dish served at this time of year, during the Jewish holiday Roshashana. You can make tzimmes many different ways, and even have dinner table arguments about whose mothers’ tzimmes is the most delicious. If you’ve never tasted tzimmes, now is a good time to make it yourself, using seasonal vegetables.
Tzimmes is typically a casserole containing carrots, sweet potatoes, prunes (now called “dried plums” in the world of corporate grocery), cinnamon and honey. Some versions contain beef brisket or chicken. There is a nice recipe at the website of the magazine Eating Well, featuring chicken and winter squash: you’ll find it in the recipes section.
Because this dish takes a while to prepare and cook, there’s a Yiddish expression: “Don’t make a tzimmes,” which means “Don’t make a big deal out of it.” That’s a useful phrase, especially when you are playing around in the kitchen: have fun and enjoy your tzimmes!