Benefits of Membership

In joining the co-op, you help build an ethical and honest community-owned business that is responsive to the needs of its customers and the community. Bloomingfoods strives to operate with your interests at heart — building community, supporting local, organic, and natural foods, and educating the public about the value of cooperative governance. Join us in creating a uniquely friendly place to shop, eat, and celebrate the power of cooperation!

There are many tangible benefits of becoming a member of the co-op.

  • Co-op member-owners actively join their friends and neighbors in building and supporting a locally-owned and democratically-contolled business that helps them meet their needs for quality goods and services. Members have the opportunity to participate as volunteers and are eligible to vote in board elections and they may run for the board of directors or serve on a co-op advisory committee.
  • Our monthly newsletter, Bloomingnews, is mailed to all members and distributed in various locations around Bloomington. Each newsletter includes a Wild Card coupon for one 5% member discount anytime during the month.
  • Each month we publish member specials in the newsletter and on the web, offering great pricing on a wide variety of items to our members.
  • Our Member Rewards program offers special pricing on staples and basic household goods.  This pricing is available everyday to all our members. 
  • Once you begin making payments on a Bloomingfoods membership certificate (as little as $7.50 a month), you are entitled to a special discount on our published member discount days.
  • In profitable years, our Board can choose to issue a refund check to members. Our patronage rebate system returns a portion of profits to each member based on their total purchases in the stores.
  • Members also enjoy an array of discounts and benefits offered by Community Partner organizations, as well as eligibility to join the Indiana University Credit Union.