New Cheeses at the East Side

Here is Amber Townes' report on what is new in cheese at the East Store.

ImageCarr Valley Mobay is one of Wisconsin cheesemaker Sid Cook's many original creations. It combines a layer of sheep milk cheese and a layer of goat milk cheese with a layer of grape vine ash down the middle.

This cheese is fabulous! Its flavor is mild and earthy enough so that cheese novices can enjoy, but it has far more personality than most other mild cheeses.




ImageCapriole Blue River Buttons are creamy and slightly tangy when young.  At about 7-10 days they begin to develop a light, white mold rind under the paper and become firmer, creamier, and slightly sweet.  Great as an individual cheese on a cheese plate or marinated in flavored oils and herbs.





ImageKennys Farmhouse Cheese Kentucky Rose is a light cheese, with heavy butter and cream notes up front, middle notes of pecan, and finishes with a citrus kind of snap.








ImageTillamook Cheddars –

Smoked Cheddar
White Garlic Cheddar
White Peppercorn Cheddar

Tillamook Cheese is made by a 100 year old farmer-owned cooperative committed to bringing you delicious, best tasting dairy products. That's why all of our products start with the highest quality milk. All of our farmer-owners and contract milk suppliers for our cheese production are in compliance certifying that milk delivered to our facilities in Boardman and Tillamook Oregon is from cows not supplemented with rBST.  Milk is trucked fresh daily from dairies to be turned into Tillamook cheese that you have come to love.


Teese Vegan “Cheddar” – Teese Vegan Cheese has a fresh, mild flavor with superior melting ability. Our Teesemakers combine quality ingredients in a proprietary process to give Teese the old-world flavor non-dairy connoisseurs have sought for years. Another GREAT vegan cheese!!!

organic soymilk (filtered water, organic non-gmo soybeans), corn maltodextrin, soybean oil, palm oil, sea salt, carrageenan, vegan natural flavors, corn derived lactic acid (vegan), annatto, titanium dioxide (naturally occurring mineral). Contains Soy.