Eat Local!

Our Peak Season: July 15 - September 15

photo credit: Daniel Orr

Four good reasons to eat local:

1. It’s good for you and tastes better too!

2. It’s good for the economy. 

3. It’s good for the environment.

4. It’s good for family farms.

Tips for Eating Local

Linger and learn. Allow extra time when you shop the co-op to discover which foods are local. Take time to talk with the staff to ask questions and advice.
Start early. Begin by gradually incorporating more local foods into your diet as a way to begin making it more of a habit to buy local.
Visit a farm. Take your family on a weekend road trip to an area farm. Many offer weekend tours. If you can’t make it to the farm, Bloomingfoods often features farmers in it’s publications and in the stores, making it convenient for you to learn more about our local food community.
Join a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture means you buy shares in a local family farm to receive their fresh produce weekly. Visit for listings of area CSA farms.
Plan out meals for the challenge. Developing plans can be a fun learning experience and make more local food easier and more affordable.
Have a night on the town.  Several restaurants in the area have made local, sustainable foods a part of their menu.

Learn more about supporting your local economy.

Check out the Eat Local, America! website.

Learn more about our Local Vendors.

Send us your favorite recipe using local ingredients!