Why sign on for the Eat Local Challenge?

photo: Cheryl Walsh Bellville
Why sign on for the Eat Local, America Challenge?
• Local food tastes better: it’s fresher!
• Closer- to- harvest means more nutrients and better health.
• You can get to know your growers and food providers, learning about farming and land stewardship practices.
• Shopping local creates jobs and  keeps more money circulating in our regional economy.
• Every time you eat local you help cut your carbon footprint.
• You send a message about the need for food quality, accountability, and meaningful organic standards.
• Locavores encourage local farms and urban gardening initiatives.
• Participation in the ELA Challenge supports our own Local Growers Guild.
• It’s fun to see just how local YOU can go, on a quest for the best local food resources.
What’s YOUR reason? Tell the world why you are more of a Locavore.

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