New Products in East Store Cheese Department

The East Store Cheese Dept. is offering this veritable plethora of delicious new cracker, cheese, and chocolate products. Check them out on your next visit.

From The Fine Cheese Co.
A new line of crackers, specially made for sampling cheese.

Wholemeal Crackers
-a wheaty and crunchy cracker for strongly flavored cheeses.

Natural Crackers
-a delicate and buttery cracker for soft & mild cheeses.

Chive Crackers
-crackers for brie cheeses

Charcoal Crackers
-Stylish black crackers suitable for all types of cheeses

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers
-crackers for parmesan and pecorino crackers

From Eat in the Raw

Vegan parmesan

Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Candida-Free, and All Natural
Parma! is an excellent food source of Omega 3’s, B vitamins, including B12, and trace minerals.
Parma! is made here in Southern Oregon using only raw organic walnuts, Red Star nutritional yeast, Celtic sea salt, and love. It’s vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, and mineral rich.

And from Vosges Haut Chocolat

Woolloomooloo Bar
-roasted & salted macadamia nuts + Indonesian coconut + hemp seed + deep milk chocolate
Macadamia nuts and coconuts, both of which boost your immune system, meld with milk chocolate as if they were meant to be. But hemp seeds are the true secret weapon in this scrumptious bar, packed with essential fatty acids, vital for your body. Boost your vanity too: hemp oil will provide softer skin, stronger nails and thicker hair. Shine inside and out.
Red Fire Exotic Candy Bar
-Mexican ancho and chipotle chili peppers + Ceylon cinnamon + dark chocolate

Originally, cocoa beans were crushed and used with vanilla, cornmeal and chillies in a frothed drink. When Spanish conquistadors brought the seeds back to Spain, new recipes were created by removing the spices and adding sugar, and mainstream chocolate consumption was born. Vosges takes chocolate back to its roots with the Red Fire bar, blending dark chocolate with ancho and chipotle chili peppers and Ceylon cinnamon.

Gluten free and vegan
55% cacao, 3oz.


Creole Exotic Candy Bar
-espresso + cocoa nibs + New Orleans style chicory + Sao Thome bittersweet chocolate

This deep and dark chocolate, rich in flavanoids or natual antioxidants, satisfies the mind and body. The zip of espresso and chicory lifts you before you even sink your teeth. An immediate rich taste is followed by a crunch of cocoa nibs. Aromas saturate the bouquet as antioxidants purify the body.

Gluten free and vegan
70% cacao, 3oz.


Naga Exotic Candy Bar
sweet Indian curry powder + coconut flakes + deep milk chocolate

Named and inspired by the tribes of Northeast India, this bar strikes a beautiful balance between spiciness and sweetness. A must try for the adventurous sort.

Gluten free
40% cacao, 3oz.