Fresh Meat and Seafood Downtown

Hi, all! Amy Loop at the Downtown Store would like to share the following report on our fresh meat and fish offerings.

We here at the downtown store have been experimenting over the last year or so with a fresh meats case.  Most of the products in the case are local, free-range, and sustainably raised.  They are also free of any hormones or antibiotics in their feed, and the farmers use feed that is either homemade or organic. 

We sell meats from Rice’s farm meats, which include ground beef and pork chops.  We also sell beef from Fischer Farm, located near Jasper, Indiana – we carry their stew meat, sirloin steaks, and ground beef patties.  From Miller, and Amish farm up in Northern Indiana, we carry fresh chicken breasts.

Upstairs in the frozen meat case we have recently started carrying two kinds of fish from EcoFish brand, which is a company that only sells fish harvested sustainably and safely.  We carry salmon and mahi mahi from that company.  We also have added a new product from a local farm called Hyde Ranch.  Anne Hyde raises her cattle in sustainable ways, using wholesome grain feed and no hormones or antibiotics.  Her cattle are also free range, and they get to graze in spring-fed pastures.  Her farm is located right here in Monroe County, near the Cedar Bluffs area.

We are continually working to bring cleaner meat products to the people of Bloomington in our store.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact Amy at the downtown store, (812)-336-5300.