Cowgirl Creamery Cheese at the Near West Side

Just in time for xmas entertaining, I"ve received a shipment of Cowgirl Creamery organic, artisanal, ACS award-winning cheeses.  It's very rare that cheese lovers in Bloomington get a chance to enjoy cheeses that have been judged to be the best in America.
- Mike Clarke, Specialty Buyer

Cowboy Creamery Pierce Pt


Cowgirl Creamery's Fall/Winter seasonal cheese, is made from organic whole milk from the Chileno Valley Jersey Dairy. PIERCE PT is washed in a muscato wine and rolled in dried herbs from the Tomales Bay coastal region. The result is a delicious cheese, semi-firm yet creamy, complex yet never overpowering, that you'll recall longingly when it's out-of-season. PIERCE PT received a 1st Place award at the 2006 American Cheese Society Conference. 9-ounce round



Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk


Cowgirl Creamery captures the essence of West Marin with its Red Hawk, a triple-cream, washed-rind, fully-flavored cheese made from organic cow milk from the Straus Family Dairy. Aged four weeks and washed with a brine solution that tints the rind a sunset red-orange, Red Hawk won Best-In-Show at the American Cheese Society's Annual Conference in 2003 and a Gold Ribbon and 2nd Best-in-Show in 2009. 10-ounce round


Cowboy Creamery Mt Tam


Just North of the San Francisco Bay, Mt. Tamalpais rises like a monument to Northern California's natural beauty. In deference, Cowgirl Creamery named its signature cheese MT TAM. It's a smooth, creamy, elegant, 10-oz, triple-cream - made with tasty organic milk from the Straus Family Dairy. MT TAM is firm, yet buttery with a mellow, earthy flavor reminiscent of white mushrooms. 9-ound round