Chippewa Valley Cheese Now Available at the East Store

ImageChippewa Valley Cheese is the BEST domestic cheese I have every tasted! I am really excited to have this whole line available to our customers. You will taste the difference and understand my enthusiasm. Look for the curds in the near future, the flavors are Garlic Dill, Cajin, Hot Pepper and Plain. Come by and sample these cheeses anytime!

Amber Towne,Cheese Buyer


Chippewa Valley Cheese
    " The Natural Line"
           Melrose, Wisconsin

Chippewa Valley Cheese Corporation was founded by a group of Midwestern Wisconsin Dairy Farmers who wanted their milk made into high quality cheese. These Dairy Farmers were proud of their decision not to jump on the bandwagon and use rBGH on their herds. They realized that they had a very unique opportunity in front of them and Chippewa Valley Cheese Corporation (CVCC) was formed.

There is a limited amount of rBGH free milk on the market today. CVCC is owned by farmers, and we own our milk supply. All of CVCC's milk is rBGH free, and all of our members have signed a notarized affidavit to this effect.

All of our farms are Grade A dairy producers. Our farms are typically small to mid-sized, and we do not have any mega dairies. Most of the cows are pasture grazed during the summer months.

Our cheese is made the Old Fashion Way! The method is slower and more labor intensive, but the end result is well worth it. That's why we call it, "The Natural Line".

Because we own our milk supply, we are not limited to the way one cheese maker makes cheese. We pick a cheese maker that makes our cheese the way we want it made. Our cheese is not made with any artificial or synthetic's a truly "Natural Cheese" that is rBGH FREE.

Our goal as a small company is to keep our cheese supply fresh. So, we only make cheese when it is needed, which in turn gives the consumer more time to enjoy our products.


YES all our animals are treated kindly and humanely
NO we do not use Bovine Growth Hormone
NO mammal by-products are fed to our cows

We carry:
Sharp Cheddar
Mild Cheddar
Monterey Jack
Colby Jack