At the East Store: New Staff; New Local Vendor; Staff Favorites

ImageHi, everyone. I'd like to start this month's grocery report by introducing you to our new Beer & Wine buyer, Amelia Williams . Amelia has been employed at Bloomingfoods, in the Deli, for over a year while finishing up her BFA in Sculpture at I.U. She started her new position at the end of June and has grand plans for improving the beer and wine selections.  Already, good things are happening!  

Amelia “developed an interest" in wine while studying art and Italian language through programs at Indiana University. As she reports:

"I spent two summers in Tuscany and a year in Bologna, a city located one hour north of Tuscany in the Emilia-Romagna region.   From these locations I traveled around Italy, learning about the characteristics of wines as diverse as the crisp, acidic whites of the northern regions to the heavy, full-bodied reds that the southern regions produce.  Since leaving Italy I have continued to expand my knowledge of wine and am now familiar with many different types of grapes from around the world.”

Please welcome Amelia and let her know what you’d like to see in the Beer and Wine selections!

Check out these responses from the Grocery staff when asked “What’s your very favorite food or beverage item in the whole store?”

Ben Wilson – Fischer Farms Beef Brisket
Mark Jackman – Barley Island Robert the Bruce beer
Nicki Owens – Salad Bar & Hot Bar
Phil – Chocolate Peanut Butter (GRIND YOUR OWN)
Josh Hermes – Animal Cookies in the bulk section
Joshua Herring – Fischer Farms Trotter Steaks
Earnie Bruce – Dylan’s Magic Tofu (In the Grab & Go)
Amelia Williams – LaCroix Water (Orange or Lemon)
Thomas Stofer – Peaches
Angelina Galvez – Any local produce (especially salad greens)
Alex Nay – Brown Cow Cream Top Vanilla Yogurt
Jacob Wittman – Farmers’ Cookies (from the Bakery)
Leah Craig – Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars
Susan Kornblum – Ciao Bella Ice Creams (especially the Espresso flavor!)

ImageLocal Highlight
Pat’s Gnaw Bone Sorghum Mill is now providing us with many of their locally homemade products.  Pat and Bill Watkins are busy year round at their location just outside of Nashiville, Indiana creating just about everything from sorghum to moonshine jelly!  Please check out our new Pat’s products:  Green Tomato Relish, Corn Cob Jelly, Sorghum, Hot Chow Chow, Hot Pepper Relish, Pickled Beets, Pickled Okra, Mild Corn Relish and Moonshine Jelly.  

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Martha Philion
Grocery Manager