Community Orchard News for August 2010

the Bloomington Community Orchard is flourishing, and there are so many ways you can help nurture and support this fine new organization in our community. First, having already won fruit trees from the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and Edy's Fruit Bars, the Orchard is competing for a $20K grant from Tom's of Maine. Please cast a daily vote here from now until Sept. 10.

Also, we have begun work at Winslow Woods Park to prepare for our initial tree planting on October 9. Volunteers are working at the site every other Saturday from 9 till 1 or 2. We may be adding or alternating Sundays for those who can't make in on Saturday. Folks who are interested in joining in the physical labor, or in any other aspect of this all -volunteer community project, such as soliciting funds or materials, maintaining the website,, and so on, should call the Orchard Involvement Coordinator,  Stacey Decker at 812-327-0181.

If there are individuals who would be interested in joining a Community Orchard Speaker's Bureau to share the vision with groups in our community, and/or if one is a member of an organization or congregation which would be interested in learning more about what we are creating, they should contact Sarah Ryterband at 812-333-9139, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .