Fields of Agape Loaves, From the Oven of Jamie Gans

ImageMember-owner Jamie Gans is not only a first-rate fiddler but, as these beautiful loaves suggest, a fine baker as well. Jamie says of these loaves:

Both are made with 90-95% home ground 'Fields of Agape' wheat berries. I made a rye loaf too but did not include it in the photo because it was made from Canadian rye berries and not Indiana wheat. It is difficult to see from the quality of the snapshot but the loaf on the left (leaning at a slant)  is made from hard red and the loaf to the right with the darker crust is made from the hard white berries. I don't know if you have tried them (the red and white berries) both yourself, but the 'hard red' loaf has that traditional whole wheat robust flavor (my favorite) and the 'hard white' loaf has a lighter, milder, but still full bodied taste.

With cooler weather coming on, baking and indulgence in hearty fare such as this will be a delight.