East Store Meat Specials for April

We're pleased to offer Garrett County Black Forest hams ($6.89/lb) and ham nuggets ($12.49/lb) for the Easter holiday.  There will be no pre-orders.

Cook’s Buffalo steaks are now in stock at the East store.  Ribeyes are $16.89/lb and sirloins are $11.69/lb.   This is a great alternative to other red meats.  Here’s a quick recipe and some suggested cooking times for your favorite bison steak:
Rub your favorite 6 oz. cut of Bison steak with a combination of a little garlic salt, cooking oil, and lemon pepper.

Grill steaks 4-6 inches above medium hot coals (325°F) for the following times, depending on thickness:

1" thick - Rare: 6 - 8 min. Medium: 8 - 10 min.

1 ½" thick - Rare: 8 - 10 min. Medium: 10 - 12 min.

2" thick - Rare: 10 - 12 min. Medium: 14 - 18 min.