East Store Grocery News: August 2011

We’ve got some new items on the shelves and we’ve got one big personnel change to share with you.

First, we'd like to announce that Matt Beall is our new Beer & Wine buyer, taking the helm from Amelia Williams, who has moved on.  I’m very excited about Matt’s expertise and enthusiasm.  He hit the ground runnin’ this week, has some great new ideas, and can’t wait to become acquainted with our beer and wine drinking customers!  Matt has been with Bloomingfoods for almost a year, so you’ll recognize him.  Stop by and say hello.

New Items:
Sharwood’s  Puppadom (spicy and plain):  These are an awesome, inexpensive, no fat, simple to prepare, and really tasty accompaniment to any Indian meal.

Bob’s Red Mill Millett Flour (thanks to customer requests)

Amy’s Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies and Pamela’s Gluten Free Simple Bites Cookies.

Two new flavors of Zevia Soda:  Caffein Free Cola and Dr. Zevia

Coco Exposed flavored coconut waters:  Aloe Vera with Wheatgrass, Passion Fruit & Pineapple and Mangosteen & Mango.

C2o Pure Coconut Water

Udi’s frozen Chocolate Muffins and Cinnamon Rolls

Ciao Bella Key Lime Graham Gelato Squares and S’mores Gelato Squares

Herb Ox Sodium Free Beef Bouillon

Cascade Fresh 64oz and 32oz yogurts: we brought these in to replace the much-missed Mountain High yogurts.  Mountain High was bought by another company and they have not decided yet, to our knowledge, whether to continue producing Mountain High.  We hope so and will bring it back if and when production resumes.

Trader’s Point cottage cheese is back!  Thanks for bugging us to bring it back…..

Bulk Adzuki beans are back and we’re stocked up on bulk pine nuts for your pesto making needs!  Also, be looking for our new BULK COOKING GUIDE!  It’ll be available soon.

We’ve also got some exciting new local products coming soon.  I’ll let you know more when we get them in!