Introducing Chris Bobbitt, Now in Our Garden Center

Your Garden Center is Growing!

Bloomingfoods Garden Center welcomes Chris Bobbitt, former manager of White River Co-op’s Lawn and Garden Department, which closed at the end of September. Chris brings over 50 years of experience in organic gardening. Chris has had extensive experience in both conventional and organic lawn care and is a Registered Pesticide Consultant.

Chris specializes in container gardening, has two Earth Machine composters, and he uses a Fiskars reel-type lawnmower -- when his 12 year old son lets him have a turn.

Chris always enjoys talking with fellow gardeners and birdwatchers. Stop by the Garden Center with your lawn and garden questions, and meet our newest staff member.

In the coming weeks and months, as space allows, look for the following new products and services:

|    Bird seed and feeders
|    Grass seed, cover crops
|    Professional, detailed soil testing with practical recommendations
|    Vegetable and flower seed in bulk and packets
|    Seed potatoes and onions, sweet potatoes
|    Soil amendments and pest controls
|    Earth Machine composters
|    Fiskars Momentum lawn mowers – so quiet and fun to operate
|    Live traps and animal repellents
|    Trellises
|    Sturdy tomato cages
|    Organic pond treatments
|    We welcome your suggestions and are always happy to do Special Orders.

Now is a great time to plant grass. We already have a good supply of Jaguar Turf-type Fescue which is very drought resistant and looks great all year around. Watch for bird seed and feeders at the Truckload Sale!