Place Your Thanksgiving Orders by Nov 8th

It's time to order from our selection of fresh, local, all-natural, and organic main dish items for the Thanksgiving holiday.

It’s easy to place your special pre-order for Thanksgiving. Just ask a cashier for the order book, and make your selection of main dish items by November 8, 2012.

You can pick up your pre-ordered items beginning on Sunday, November 18, at the store where you placed your order.


We do Thanksgiving differently than other grocery stores. Instead of shipping in tons of frozen pumped-up-with-additives-and-water turkeys, we make discerning choices, finding the best options from within our region—and we sell them fresh to you.

It’s easy to place your order for Thanksgiving. Just ask a cashier for the pre-order book, and make your selection of main dish items by November 8, 2012. You'll also find information here about how to phone in your order.

You can pick up your pre-ordered items (turkeys, breasts, and roasts, hams, rump roast, ducks, and chicken) beginning on Sunday, November 18.

Our turkeys are processed a day or so before we receive them, so that you do not need to thaw them at home. We hold them just above freezing in temperature-controlled trucks. Your special order is marked with your name, ready to pick up at the store where you placed your order. One advantage of our process is that it can free up space for other preparations at home: because these are fresh birds, you can store your order with us until you are ready to cook.

We will have a few extra turkeys, available on a first-come-first-served basis. Because these do go fast, and because the supply of some items may be limited, we recommend the special order process. Just read through the options below, decide what you’d like to serve, and then drop by the stores—or give us a call—to place your Thanksgiving pre-order.

One word on fresh turkeys: they have been processed just before shipment here, and can therefore be put safely into the refrigerator and cooked on Thanksgiving day (or on one of the days before). If for some reason you can’t cook your turkey when expected, just pop it into your freezer for later.

As a courtesy to customers, we offer extra Member-Owner Discount Days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Thanksgiving week.

In recent years we’ve been proud to provide over 700 high quality fresh turkeys an other main dish items to area homes for this holiday. We know how significant this holiday is for our customers, and we delight in giving you a better-than-butterball option! Thank you for shopping with us.

We have deli and bakery items available for pre-order too. Desserts, side dishes, and main dish vegetarian and vegan items are available for preorder at our East and West stores. Pies, cheese balls, and other special foods will be ready-to-go in our deli cases as Thanksgiving draws near—take a look, and make the holiday easy!



Please place your special order at the store where you want to pick it up. Just call one of the numbers below, or drop by a store and ask for the Special Order Holiday Book. Any cashier will be happy to help you!

Bloomingfoods East: 812-336-5400

Bloomingfoods Near West Side: 812-333-7312

Bloomingfoods Kirkwood: 812-336-5300 (Side dish and bakery items must be ordered at either the East or NWS locations).



BOWMAN & LANDES FRESH TURKEYS - Whole, fresh, all natural 10-23+lbs, $2.99/lb

Fresh natural turkeys from Bowman Landes are raised in the same way they have been since 1948—with no growth hormones, antibiotics, or stimulants. The birds are free-range with access to the outdoors, living on a diet of high quality grains grown on the Bowman Landes Farm in New Carlisle, Ohio. Processed on site, they are individually inspected to insure a healthy, wholesome product, then packaged without the use of any nitrates, MSG, additives, colors, or flavorings. We also offer Bowman & Landes breasts and roasts.

BOWMAN & LANDES BREASTS AND ROASTS - Fresh, 4-7 lbs, $5.99/lb


SMOKING GOOSE Whole Smoked Turkeys: Local, Fresh, $4.39/lb, 16-20 lbs

SMOKING GOOSE Smoked Turkey Breast: Local, Fresh, $4.39/lb, 6 lbs


EBERLY POULTRY ORGANIC TURKEYS - Organic Whole Fresh Turkeys, 8-22 lbs, $5.19/lb

Eberly Poultry offers certified organic turkeys, free-range raised on small Amish and Mennonite family farms in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

Eberly’s poultry is hand processed in a low volume environment, representing a balanced blend of family farm tradition and the advanced development of both poultry breeds and organically grown feed grains. These turkeys are USDA inspected and certified organically grown by the Northeast Organic Farmers Association and Pennsylvania Certified Organic.


GUNTHORP FARMS - Local whole fresh turkeys, 15-20 lbs, $2.99/lb

Greg and Lei Gunthorp own 65 acres in Lagrange, Indiana, and use about 65 acres of Greg’s parents’ neighboring farm. The Gunthorps raise their birds on pasture of wheat, clover, rye and various grasses, harvesting their own corn for feed in the fall. The only off-farm input is Hubbard’s Homestead mineral mix. The birds have access to shelter and feed during bad weather, but spend most of their time foraging. No drugs, antibiotics or hormones are used, and the turkeys are processed on the farm in a USDA-approved meat processing plant.


SCHACHT FARM - Local whole fresh turkeys, 16-22 lbs, $4.39/lb

We have a limited supply of these beautiful local turkeys, raised by the Corry family of Schacht Farm, right here in Monroe County. Bronze Turkeys have been the most popular turkey variety for most of American history. Tamer than wild turkeys, they get their name from the  coppery-bronze colored metallic sheen of their feathers.

After the day-old poults arrive in July, they spend a short period of time in the brooder before passing the summer and fall months foraging on the rolling pastures of Schacht Farm. Provided with shelter from the sun, wind and rain, they are free to come and go from their shelters as they please. The turkeys receive the bulk of their diet from insects and forage, with the remainder coming from local grains and organic supplements.



BELL & EVANS WHOLE YOUNG DUCKLING - Frozen, 6-8 lbs $4.29/lb

A pioneer in the natural foods market, Bell & Evans has been providing high quality poultry to customers since the 1890s. Bell & Evans is part of a network of family owned companies that includes growers, feed producers, and hatchery operators. For those who prefer duck for the holidays, this is an excellent product from Pennsylvania Dutch country.


GUNTHORP FARMS WHOLE DUCK - Local, fresh $4.99/lb, 5-6lbs



Garrett County Farms produces all natural, minimally processed ham, 100% free of nitrates, nitrites, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Black Forest Nugget Ham - $12.99 each

Black Forest Deli Ham - $6.89/lb

Virginia Buffet Deli Ham - $6.89/lb

Semi-Boneless Half Spiral Glazed Ham - $6.89/lb


SMOKING GOOSE MEATERY HAM - Fresh Boneless City Half Ham, $7.59/lb



QUORN Turk’y Roasts - Meat-free, Frozen, 16 oz $5.99

Quorn Turk’y Roast is a year-round favorite for those who prefer meat-free meals. Serve it at Thanksgiving as a center-of-the-plate entrée, or slice it for sandwiches, use it in salads or dice it up for a casserole.

Quorn is made from all natural and no GMO ingredients, including mycoprotein (58%), rehydrated egg white, and pea fiber. Because it contains egg ingredients and is made in a facility which also processes milk, gluten and wheat ingredients, it is not recommended for people with those specific food allergies.


TOFURKY Feasts (TOFU) - Vegetarian, Frozen, serves 3-4 $18.99

TOFURKY Roasts (TOFU) - Vegetarian, Frozen, 26 oz $8.49

Tofurky has been the leading turkey alternative since 1995, becoming an integral part of vegetarian culture. Boasting a savory flavor and meat-like texture, Tofurky Roast is made with organic non-genetically engineered soybeans. The Tofurky Feast includes Savory Giblet Gravy, Wild Rice, Whole Wheat Bread Crumb Stuffing, Tofurky Jurky Wishstix, Organic Chocolate Cake from Amy’s Kitchen, a holiday card, and coupons


FIELD ROAST Hazelnut Cranberry Roast - (Vegetarian): Frozen, 32 oz., $15.99

Our delis and bakeries at the East and Near West Side locations also have special items available in the pre-order book, including side dishes and desserts. Please check the pre-order book for more information about these items.