East Store Grocery News: November 2011

Happy November Everybody!!

We’ve got a lot of new items to share with you, as well as some gentle reminders about the staples you’ll be looking for in the next few weeks.

•    Organic Sunny Gummy Bears & Organic Sunny Gummy Slices with Vitamin C.  They sure are yummy!
•    Two new Organic Quinoas:  Tri-Color and Black.  They sure are pretty!
•    Three new Granolas:  Golden Temple’s Coconut Almond, Bloomingfoods Commissary Kitchen’s CoCo Nutso Granola (made with organic oats, coconut, cashews and almonds!) and Golden Temple’s Save the Rainforest Granola.
•    And…Freekah!  Looks like bulgar….Freekah is a young wheat, gathered before the grain matures.  It’s dried and toasted over an open fire and has  a smoky, sweet flavor and a greenish color.

•    Musgrave Orchard’s Apple Cider Vinegar (local and tasty!)
•    Kinnikinick GLUTEN FREE frozen pie crust
•    La Brea ready-to-bake Sourdough Baguette, Italian Round and Petite Tuscan ( sooo easy!  Just take it home and bake it for a scrumptious bakery-like aroma in your own kitchen!)  Look for these breads in Frozen Foods.
•    Siggi’s Icelandic style Yogurts (brought in by customer requests.)  “The story of siggi’s skyr starts in New York City during the holiday Season of 2004. Siggi Hilmarsson was for the first time in his life not going back home to Iceland to spend the holidays with his family. Feeling homesick and missing a staple of his childhood diet, he digs up some old articles on and recipes for skyr, the traditional yogurt of Iceland, sent to him by his mother. Undaunted by the articles’ arcane measurement system and his total lack of relevant measuring devices, Siggi makes his first batch of skyr in his kitchen.”  Read more about Siggi’s story at www.skyr.com
•    Texas Tamales:  We found these at a food show recently (food shows are fun!) and couldn’t resist.  Look for them in Frozen Foods, try them out and let me know what you think.
•    Muddy Forks Farm will start supplying us with two flavors of their locally baked breads this week!  Look for fresh deliveries on Thursday evening and Saturdays. 
“Muddy Fork Farm is committed to using locally-grown and organic ingredients.  All our whole-grain flour is locally grown, as is the honey we use.  We make all bread by hand in a brick, wood-fired oven on our farm in northeast Monroe County.  We specialize in naturally-leavened (sourdough) bread, a process that requires patience and time, but results in superior flavor, texture, nutrition, and keeping quality of the bread.”  www.muddyforkbakery.com

•    Vigilant Eats Organic Superfood, an oat based cereal that is gluten free, non GMO Project Verified and Vegan.  This super new product is brought to you by Bloomingfoods Member Owner Doug Siegel and his partner Wendy Cooper.

SUPERFOOD Cereal is SUPER-CONVENIENT. Just add COLD water. HEMPMILK powder inside.
•    Remove lid
•    Remove enclosed folding-spoon
•    Add cold water or milk and stir

We have lots of stuffing mix, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie mix, cranberries, roasted chestnuts, pie crusts, baking essentials, crackers and nuts and cheeses and spreads and meats and drinks and just about anything I can think of that’d make for a fabulous feast!  So, shop early and shop often…We look forward to the holiday seasons and we look forward to helping you put together an unforgettable meal! 

It’s been a long time in the making but we’ve finally installed our new Gluten Free channel strips in the aisles to help our gluten free customers locate products more easily.  Within each category of food (cookies, chips, baking supplies, soups, etc.) the Gluten Free products are clustered together and that’s where you’ll see the channel strips.  Hope it helps!  We’d love your feedback.