East Store Grocery News: February 2012

Below is a partial list of new items recently brought into the East Store grocery department:

Local items include:
•    Amore di Mona chocolate bars:  Produced in Louisville, KY by Bloomingfoods Member/Owner Mona Changaris.  You can find these really delicious candy bars on the impulse shelves near the registers.  From their website www.amoredimona.com:
We are a collective of nutrition-focused food artisans and health care providers.  Within our families and circle of friends lies the source of our initial inspiration as many of them have food allergies, diabetes, gluten intolerance or have chosen a vegan lifestyle.

To create masterpiece, allergen free, low glycemic, vegan chocolates using ingredients that while essential for some, are enjoyable by all.

All selections are created with high quality, natural, preservative-free, non-GMO, kosher ingredients.  Our cocoa butter is imported from France, cocoa solids from Belgium.  Madhava provides our organic agave nectar.  Fruits included are fresh or sulfite-free, sun dried organic.  The gluten-free grains we use are milled whole.

•    Another favorite local supplier, Hidden Pond, is pleased to announce some of their new items:
Ketchup, “the kid-friendly ferment teeming with probiotics and good-for-the-gut natural acids!”
Barbeque Sauce, “perhaps our most robust, mature flavored product yet!”and Salsa, a probiotic condiment with natural chelators. 

•    Fields of Agape local, organic Bulk Black Beans and Bulk Pinto Beans.  And, we’re very happy to share the news that Fields of Agape is now officially certified organic.

•    Inga’s popcorn , made in Zionsville,IN.  “At Inga's Popcorn we make every item from scratch, … We even use Certified Organic Popcorn (grown in Indiana) in all of our treats.  And after just one bite, you'll understand why our customers keep coming back for more of our fresh popped treats.”

•    Chocolate Moose introduced 3 new flavors at an East store sampling recently:  vegan chocolate, cheesecake, and cinnamon brown sugar!! Mmmmmmm

Other (non-local) new items include:

•    Bechtle egg noodles (spaetzle, broad, and thin soup style)

•    Bella Luna fresh (refrigerated) pastas (linguine, cheese ravioli, angel hair) and Cibos Pesto sauces

•    San Miguel Mole Paste

•    Calhoun Bend Mill Mixes (Mexican Cornbread, Italian Flatbread, Peach Cobbler, and Onion Coating)

•    Honey Acres chocolate mints (on the impulse caps)

•    Just Tomatoes packaged, freeze dried fruits and vegetables:  We’re moving from primarily conventional to organic.

Thanks for all your input, feedback and ideas!  We really appreciate your participation in our selection.

Hurry Spring!!
Martha Philion