What's Orange and Grey ... and Green All Over

A: The new Fiskars reel lawn mower, now available at Bloomingfoods!

Are you dreading trying to start your lawn mower this spring?  Isn’t it finally time to upgrade your lawn care from a chore to a truly fun, sustainable, healthy, ecologically sound experience?

If you are thinking about doing yourself and your lawn a favor, consider the Fiskars Momentum Reel Lawn Mower.  Here are just some of the advantages.

¬    The Fiskars reel mower uses a scissors action to neatly cut the tip of the grass – unlike rotary mowers that whack it, and a dull blade shreds the leaf tip, leaving it open to disease and drying out.
¬    The mowing height is easily adjustable from 1” to 4”.  We recommend 3½” for most lawns.
¬    Because the reel and blade are wider than the drive wheels, you can mow much closer to trees, fences, and buildings.

¬    You can mow in the cool of the morning or evening without disturbing your neighbors.
¬    No need for ear plugs to prevent hearing damage -- feel free to listen to your Walkman at low volume!
¬    Your neighbors won’t resent you for destroying their peace and quiet.

¬    Your clothes won’t smell like exhaust.
¬    Mowing your lawn won’t contribute to global warming.
¬    You’ll get an easy aerobic workout without breathing in carbon monoxide and other air pollution.

¬    Totally unlike mowers you may remember from childhood, the reel does not touch the cutting blade, so there is practically no friction to overcome.  The reel itself acts like a heavy flywheel and has chain-driven gears.
¬    The Momentum is lighter weight than gasoline-powered lawn mowers, so it is easier to control and to push.

¬    No need to store gasoline in your garage.
¬    No more high-velocity rocks or pinecones shot out the side, hitting people or breaking windows.  You can safely wear shorts while you mow without fear of injury.
¬    Grass clippings are deflected to the front, into the mower’s path, for a second cutting.  No more clippings covering your socks.  Feel free to wear sandals.

¬    The Fiskars company was established in Finland in 1649.  They know a thing or two about cutlery and other blades.  You probably use their orange-handled scissors and pruners.
¬    The Momentum is backed by a 4-year warranty – that’s twice as long as the standard in the mower industry.
¬    Because the reel and blade don’t actually touch metal-to-metal, it might need sharpening in five to ten years – not several times a season.

¬    Using the Momentum mower is a new experience in lawn care.  You get a quiet, peaceful, light workout without the noise and fumes.  Even your twelve-year-old will volunteer to cut the grass – at least ours does.
¬    Depending on how fast you walk, a quarter-acre yard will take about 45 minutes to mow.  It’s no longer a chore but truly a pleasure.
¬    Show your neighbors how Green you are.  Feel good about doing the right thing!

¬    What’s the price of gas today?  How much will it be this summer?
¬    You would walk behind your old gasoline-powered push mower anyway, so why not skip the high gas prices (and the noise and fumes) and enjoy the person-powered Momentum reel mower?
¬    Do something good for your lawn, good for the planet, and good for you in so many ways.

¬    Fiskars Momentum reel lawn mowers are now in stock at the East Store Garden Center and at the Near Westside Store.  For an enthusiastic, personal  testimonial, ask Chris at the Garden Center.

The Fiskars Momentum Reel Lawn Mower . . . better for your lawn, better for you, better for the planet!

by Chris Bobbitt
Bloomingfoods Garden Center