Spring Truckload Sale May 19 and 20

Join us on May 19 and 20 for our spring Truckload Sale. Open from 9am - 6pm on Saturday and 10am - 5pm on Sunday, the sale offers great deals so you can stock your pantry. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the items we will offer in the tent.

The month of May comes but once a year, and with it a bit of elusive peace and quiet descends mid-month upon Bloomington. It’s a month marked by occasions large and small: Mothers’ Day, graduations. Precious hours spent outdoors.

We usually luck out at Bloomingfoods in both May and October, catching glorious weekends for our Truckload Sales. They’ve become a tradition in town, a time to load the larder with excellent provisions at bargain prices. In May the Sale coincides with the impulse to spring clean, offering a great time to organize and restock your pantry.

As always, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard will be at the Truckload Sale. Feel free to bring or buy items for their collection bins, and know that every dollar you donate buys ten pounds of food. Maybe you’ve made dietary changes and have food to give to the Postal Workers Food Drive, too: that event takes place on Saturday May 12, right at your mailbox!

Matt Beall, our East store wine buyer, is planning a wonderful wine tasting for late afternoon on the East store patio on Saturday, May 19, during the Truckload Sale. Join us for that event, and find wine for sale inside the store. Out near the tent you’ll find lemonade from Blooming Kids for Kindness, children taking part in Bloomington's first Lemonade Day. BK4K are donating 100% of their proceeds to Mother Hubbard's Cupboard and Habitat for Humanity.

Ten Reasons to Shop at the Truckload Sale

1. Just the sheer novelty of it. Haven’t you always wanted to do your grocery shopping in a Lotus Festival tent?

2. Your chance, if you get there early enough, to snag a full case of Seventh Generation toilet paper. A few pounds of local meat. Bulk coffee.

3. You’ve just cleaned out your pantry, donating extra ramen noodles to the Saturday May 12 Postal Workers Food Drive. Now those shelves are just a wee bit too bare.

4. It’s spring! You’re gonna be needing that salsa, eating those chips.

5. If you buy a case of olive oil now, you and your roasted vegetables and summer salads will be sitting pretty until the fall Truckload Sale, when you can begin the Extra Virgin cycle again.

6. The prices are so low it’s easy to throw in extras for Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, helping fill up the Hub truck and the shelves of the food pantry.

7. Our East Garden Center is in on the game. Come early to see what’s on sale—the Garden Center is bursting with goodies!

8. You can join friends on the patio in late afternoon on Saturday to enjoy samples of wine. Then you can buy those wines at reduced prices inside the East Store...if you remember to bring your ID!

9. Not that interested in wine? Get some lemonade from the Blooming Kids for Kindness, young entrepreneurs and philanthropists. It’s sweet and they are business savvy.

10. Shop now and it’s going to mean that in the long run you’ll be spending more time outdoors, less in grocery stores. We’ll miss you, but we get it—and the summer snacking will be grand.