East Store Grocery News: May 2012

There is lots of excitement around here these days as we prepare for our May Truckload Sale!!  Hope you’re excited too

Some new items that we’ve brought in to the Grocery Department include the following:
•    Local Folks Foods (one of our very favorite local producers!) BBQ sauces – Apple butter and Habanero

•    Rex Coffee (our newest local vendor!)  A few months ago a crack Bloomingfoods team traveled to Terre Haute to visit with the folks at Clabber Girl to discuss partnership opportunities.  I participated in my very first (I hope it’s not my last!) coffee tasting.  Now, coffee and wine are two of my favorite food groups and I must say I was more entertained and more enlightened by the coffee tasting than any wine tasting I’ve ever been to!!  Chris Weber is Roast Master for Rex and he certainly was a master of putting together an educational and delicious experience for us!  Blending history and progress, these specialty grade, single origin coffees are roasted in small batches in the historic Hulman building.

•    Mister Buck’s Pet Food – We’re bringing in a new flavor of canned dog food (Chicken & Apple), canned cat food (Seafood & Chicken), and 5 lb bags of the same flavors of dry dog food we currently carry in the 20lb bags.  Mister Buck’s has really taken off and we’re thrilled to be able to offer their products to you!

•    Nacho Mom – Vegan Queso recommended to us by Herald Times Food Editor, Cindy Bradley who brought in a jar for us to try.  We all agreed…very tasty! The sensation that started it all...Nacho Mom's Ultimate Vegan Queso was the first healthy (and vegan!) queso to hit supermarket shelves...and it became an instant overnight success. and then the world cried out for more...

...so we took everything you loved about our original version, added a kick more heat and a kiss of smoky flavor from chunks of fire roasted tomatoes and roasted chipotles and used  gluten-free flour so it's 100% allergen-free!

...and then we ran with scissors and created something completely different...

Unable to find a truly creamy all-natural bean dip, we created the first black bean dip/queso fusion...And so many tasters called it "wicked good"  that it was labeled Voodoo Queso...a jar of black (bean) magic with the perfect blend of spices and chunks of fresh diced tomatoes and fire roasted green chiles.

AUTHENTIC FOODS – Specialty flours and mixes for our Gluten Free, Allergen Free shoppers!  Another recommendation from Cindy Bradley, who’s been practicing Gluten Free baking, we’re excited to offer this line.  Check out the Falafel Mix and the flours:  Sweet Superfine Rice, Brown Rice Superfine, White Rice Superfine.
And…we’ll be debuting the 7 lb bag of Authentic Foods Pancake & Baking Mix at the Truckload Sale!

Locally grown, organic GRITS!!  BACK IN OUR BULK SECTION!  “Fields of Agape, LLC is an organic grain, seed and bean cooperative of farms located in the heart of central Indiana. Since 2005, we have been growing flax for seed and fiber as well as grains that include hard red wheat and buckwheat. In 2009 we expanded our fields to include protein rich legumes such as non-gmo food grade soybeans, black beans, pinto beans and cranberry beans.”  Other Fields of Agape products we carry in Bulk are:  organic popcorn, organic cornmeal, organic black beans, and organic pinto beans.

Pachamama coffees, organic and fair trade, will be our new monthly rotating Sale Coffee.  The Pachamama Coffee Cooperative of Small-Scale Coffee Producers (Pacha) is a farmer-owned cooperative organization based in the United States. Formed in 2001, Pacha is wholly owned by thousands of family farmers in Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Ethiopia. Farmer-owners send their best organic coffee to the USA, where it is fresh-roasted in small batches and delivered straight to customers

•    Good Karma Flax Milks – Original, Vanilla and Unsweetened
•    Silk Protein Smoothies – Mixed Berry, Peach Mango and Strawberry Banana
•    Hidden Pond – Spruce Leaf Kombucha , a seasonal concoction from our friends, Bev & Andy.  They make it from fresh new spruce tree sprouts in the spring.