A Visit With Farmer Bud Smith


Members of the Near West Side produce department recently took a field trip to the home of one of our favorite growers, Bud Smith of Brown County, Indiana.

Bud and his wife Barbara greeted us upon our arrival, refreshed us in their home with a cool glass of lemonade, then amused themselves—and us—by offering us a hardy helping of roast venison, the remains of a deer which Bud drolly observed had gotten just a little too close to his melons.

After that, Bud led us outdoors, where we were delighted to finally see the fields which have produced the many thousands of cantaloupes we’ve been so pleased to share with our shoppers. Bud also showed us bounteous fields of cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, which we also carry in our store. It was amazing to see such abundance in the midst of such a hot, dry season. Bud is a master farmer indeed.

Bloomingfoods has had a long and happy relationship with Bud Smith—one which has been mutually beneficial both to him and to our shoppers. We were therefore especially pleased when Bud introduced us to both a son and a grandson who intend in years ahead to take the reins of the business, and to continue a long tradition of producing delicious produce for Bloomingfoods and consumers in south-central Indiana.

by Ruth Ferree • Produce Manager, Bloomingfoods Near West Side

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