What's on Sale in the Produce Department

New Heirloom Apple: the Organic Pink Pearl

The East and Near West locations are now carrying the Organic Pink Pearl Apple (see photo). This heirloom variety was developed in the early 1940s by California farmer Albert Etter, as a seedling of Surprise, another red-fleshed apple.

Pink Pearl apples are generally medium sized, with a conical shape. They are named for their bright, pink flesh and have translucent yellow-green skin, with a crisp, juicy sweet-tart taste. Availability is limited, as they ripen from late August to mid-September.

These apples are available to you today at $3.99 lb. Feel free to stop by to see this unusual apple, and taste a slice!

Produce Department Sales • August 30—September 4, 2012

You'll always find specials in our produce department. Here's what's on sale this week.

Organic Avocado – $1.49 each
Organic 1lb Baby Carrots – 2 for $3
Organic Yellow Onion – 99¢ lb
Organic Sweet Onion – 99¢ lb
Organic Russet Potato – $1.29 lb
Organic Rutabaga – $1.99 lb
Organic Winter Squash (variety) – $1.49 lb
Organic Grapes – $2.49 lb
Local, Conventional Yellow Honeydew Melon – 69¢ lb
Organic Bagged Valencia Oranges – $3.99 each
Organic Strawberries – $3.99 lb