Garden Center Taking Seed and Supply Requests

Spring may seem a long time away, but our seed suppliers need to have our orders within the next few weeks, so that the East Bloomingfoods Garden Center can have bulk and packet seed on the shelves in January—before the big box stores get theirs and the mail order catalogs arrive.

No sense buying from them when you could get all you need at your member-owned co-op!  So if there are varieties of vegetable or flower seeds, tools, or equipment you didn’t find at the Garden Center this past season, please let us know as soon as possible so we can help supply all your garden needs right here next spring.

We have already ordered ten additional varieties of seed for the bulk jars: deer tongue lettuce, banana melon, Brussels sprouts, Cinderella pumpkin, pink summercicle radish, ruby red chard, pink banana  and golden hubbard winter squash, golden ball turnip, and cowhorn okra. Please let us know what else can we order for you.