Holiday Season in the Garden Center

The Garden Center has come a long way over the past year.  I was just looking at pictures taken only a few months ago.  The ramp and deck were not yet finished.  The front step was a cement block. Inside the building there were buckets of nails, bundles of insulation, a ladder, air compressor, and not much room to move around.  There’s still not as much room as we could use, but now the building is filled to the brim with delights for bird enthusiasts and gardeners.

Christmas trees will be here by Thanksgiving (currently scheduled to be available for sale on Nov. 20). This year, we will be including a free hand-blown glass ornament with each tree; additional ornaments will be available.  To keep your cut tree fresh longer, consider spraying it with Wilt Stop, an anti-dessicant made from pine resin.

Check out the Garden Center for practical gifts.  We offer a large selection of bird feeders and accessories, including shepherd hooks, bird baths, and de-icers. We also carry quality garden tools.  New this year are Stabilicers, slip-on cleats to make walking safer this winter.  We have weatherproof, squirrel-proof galvanized outdoor birdseed containers, so you don’t have to keep opening the garage door every time the feeders need refilling.

We have Bloomington’s best selection of bird seed at reasonable prices.  Look for your coupon coming soon: Buy four 35 lb bags of Supreme Mix now through June 30, 2013 and get one bag FREE.

Still wondering how to keep your leaf pile tidy, next to your composter? Try a chicken wire fence, 2 or 3 feet high.  You don’t have a composter yet?  The Earth Machine really works, even in winter.  Check out the e-newsletter article “Turn Fall Leaves into Black Gold.”

Vegetable and flower seed in bulk and packets will be arriving in early January.  Bulk provides a very economical way to get just as much seed as you need for the basics, as well as some more unusual crops you should try.  We’re hoping to carry broomcorn and other decorative grains for dried arrangements.  We’re almost doubling our varieties of packet seed from Livingston, a Columbus, Ohio company family owned since 1850.

In January and February, the Garden Center will host a series of talks on topics such as deerproofing, vermiculture, apartment gardening, drip irrigation, vegetable dyeing, natural lawn care, building hoop houses and cold frames, seed starting, etc.  These will be in the new Patio Room.  Stay tuned for details.

This holiday season, be sure to stop by the Garden Center and see what we have to offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Chris Bobbitt