The Season for Greenery and Holiday Cheer

Our East store Garden Center has recently been transformed by the sights and smells of the season. Pine cones, greens, live conifers, and Christmas trees grace the approach to our large East Bloomingfoods, and you’ll find greens of the season at the other locations, too.

When we first imagined the East Garden Center, one goal was to make it a destination in December, a favorite place for acquiring natural holiday adornments. JD Lucas, Linnea Good, and Chris Bobbitt—staff in this department—bring a wealth of knowledge about the great outdoors, as well as connections to local and regional providers.

The staff have arranged our large assortment of trees to their best advantage, the better to select one that speaks to you. Buy a tree and receive a free handblown ornament as a token of appreciation. Stop in the Garden Center headquarters to consider picking up Wilt Stop, too—it’s an anti-desiccant made from pine resin; it helps keep cut trees fresher longer.

Our includes Balsam Firs from Wisconsin, ranging from 4-5 feet to 6-10 feet tall. Blue Spruce and Fraser Firs are also beautiful this year, in sizes and prices ranging from 4-5 feet to 10 feet and above. Popular table top Fraser Firs come complete with their own stand.

One of our favorite local Principle Six vendor at this time of year is Sandy Metzger. She provides us with handmade centerpieces, from mug size to medium or large. Our selection of wreathes has never been better. You’ll find pine kissing balls and decorated evergreen bouquets. Roping is available by the foot, in white pine, cedar, and balsam fir.

Many of our shoppers choose a live tree at this time of year, to be incorporated into outdoor landscaping after the holidays. Live trees (in 10 gallon containers) include Black Hill Spruce, Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, Serbian Spruce, and White Pine.

In additon, the Garden Center building is filled to the brim with delights for bird enthusiasts and gardeners, all of which make practical gifts. We offer a large selection of bird feeders and accessories, including shepherd hooks, bird baths, and de-icers. We also carry quality garden tools. New this year are Stabilicers—slip-on cleats that make walking safer on icy patches. We have weatherproof, squirrel-proof galvanized outdoor birdseed containers that simplify the storage of seed. Speaking of birdseed—you’ll find a wonderful selection, at reasonable prices, in large bags and small.

We wish you all a very happy holiday season, one that is a feast of the senses both indoors and out!


Todd Stepen from Wisconsin has brought us some fantastic Fraser Fir cut Christmas trees this year. Table top fraser firs are $27.99 each and are going very quickly. The 4-5 ft Fraser firs are $44.79; the 5-6 ft. are $48.19; 6-7 ft are $51.49; 7-8 ft are $55.99; and the largest of them all is 10+ feet (the tallest we have ever had!) for $99.99 each.

Todd Stepen has also supplied us with Balsam Fir cut Christmas trees. Pricing is: 4-5 ft for $36.99; 6-8 ft for $44.79.

We also received beautiful Blue Spruce cut Christmas trees. Pricing is: 5-6 ft. for $34.79, 7-8 ft for $39.19.

We have White Pines from Dutchman Farms in Michigan. Pricing is: 3-5 ft. for $24.69; 5-6 ft. for $26.89; 6-7 ft. for $29.19; and 7-8 ft. for $31.39.

Scotch Pines are available, too. Pricing is: Table top size for $17.89; 3-5 ft. $ 22.39; 6-7ft for $29.19.

We have live trees from Dutchman Farms, too: Black Hills Spruce, Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce and White Pine. Each sells for $55.99 and comes in a 10 gallon pot. These can be decorated for either indoor or outdoor use, and planted within your landscape after the holidays.

Find out more about the features and varieties of our holiday trees here.