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September 15, 2012

At the Co-op

Elm Heights Project Update: We Own It!
After months of laborious negotiations, Bloomingfoods is at last the proud owner of the property at 614 East 2nd st., whereon we intend to construct our 4th grocery store.  Visit to follow all the action as first demolition of the old building and then construction of the new building commence and proceed. 

Elm Heights Project Update: Now We Get to Pay for It!
Financing for the new store will come from three sources: our savings; a professional lender (German-American Bank); and, consistent with Co-op Principle 3, Member Economic Participation, from member loans. The loan program is now in full swing. We've already received over $230K in pledges from members who contacted us as soon as they learned there would be a loan program, and we'll be contacting the remainder of our membership over the next couple of weeks. Many of you will recall that we raised approximately $300 in member loans when we established the Near West Side location, and all those loans have been paid off, in full and with interest, as they have come due. To learn more about this opportunity and/or to make a pledge, simply click here, pick up a brochure at any of our stores, or contact me directly.

Board Election and Annual Survey
The 2nd cooperative principle states "Cooperatives are democratic organizations controlled by their members." In compliance with that principle, we are now conducting our annual board election; this is your opportunity to participate in selecting the men and women who guide our business at the highest level. By now you should have received your board election packets.  (If you have not, you can get one at any of our stores.)  Please take some time in the days ahead to read carefully the candidate statements, and then select your choices for our board.

Board elections are just one way in which you can participate in guiding the course of your co-op. Another is by sharing your opinions in our annual survey. Please take this opportunity to tell us what you think we're doing well or could be doing better. The opinions expressed in the survey are both strictly confidential and highly influential in guiding our operations.

Fall Truckload Sale
Our fall truckload sale will take place October 13th and 14th. Plan to stock up on all your favorite items at the best prices we can offer.  Plenty of volunteers are needed for the sale, so please email Tom Zeta to get a slot helping out. As always, volunteers will receive a week of 10% discounts for each two hours of service.

Update Your Address with Us
If you've moved recently, please let us know your new address. Over the course of the fall we'll be sending out a number of mailings concerning the new store, patronage rebates, and other important matters, and we don't want yours to be lost in the mail.

Annual Meeting
Each fall Bloomingfoods staff, board, and members gather for our annual meeting. This year the meeting will be held at Wonderlab on Thursday, October 18th. Please join us there for an evening of hors d'œuvres, wine, beer, awards, and a brief report on the condition of your co-op. See the October newsletter and our website for details, including how to get the tickets you'll need in order to attend. Your business is in the midst of very exciting times; it will be a fine thing to assemble together and celebrate. Hope to see you there.

Board Report: Meeting the Needs of Lower Income Customers
At the August meeting, board member Tim Clougher delivered a report on ways co-ops around the country are trying to better serve the needs of lower income citizens. Bloomingfoods works assiduously to improve the shopping experience of all our customers, and the ideas presented by Tim will remain a topic of discussion in the days ahead.

Local Grower Profile:  Cheryl Duckworth
Bloomingfoods has been blessed for over 20 years by a wonderful relationship with Cheryl Duckworth.  Here, Cheryl tells briefly the story of how her love for flowers evolved into a profession.

September--October Member Days & Product Specials
Member day is Monday in September and Tuesday in October. These are the September product specials, and these are the member-owner specials.  Your Co+op Deals flyers are available here.

Membership Report
August and September are typically the two months each year in which the greatest growth in Bloomingfoods membership occurs, and this year has been no exception. Between August 1st and September 10th, 271 households joined the ranks of member-ownership.

East Store
(812-336-5400; 3220 East Third St.)
Meat buyer Josh Hermes reports that we are bringing in a slew of new meats from Smoking Goose, including smoked turkey breast, breakfast sausage, and the Goose's original Delaware Fireball salumi. He also has new products from Beeler, as well as several new salmon products. 

The controversy continues to rage over the advisability of genetically modified foods and crops, and we're doing our best to follow the arguments on both sides and to bring you food that is both safe and nutritious. Grocery manager Martha Philion follows this topic with especial interest and purpose, and she shares here her thoughts and plans. She also has news regarding our bulk section and our new employees, plus a great recipe for quinoa pancakes.

Near West Side Store
(812-333-7312; 316 W 6th St.)
The Near West Side now has locally-made kitchen scrubbies, washcloths and, get this, frisbees....made from crochet yarn. They are so soft that you can fold them and put them in your pocket.  More tin toys will soon be available, and we're fully stocked with housewares, Tibetan prayer flags, and some great winter clothes, including boiled-wool jackets and some very nice men's shirts. Be sure to see, too, the "eyeball umbrellas" from Kikkerland, and pick up one of the gorgeous new scarves (starting at only $5) with which to adorn yourself on the cool Lotusfest nights.

Around Town

Lotus World Music & Arts Festival
For lovers of food, wine, diverse music, and revelry, nothing that occurs in our community can compare to the annual Lotus World Music Festival. This year's festival will run from Thursday, September 20th through Sunday the 23rd. Here is the list of artists we'll be seeing this year, and here is the performance schedule. Tickets are available at all Bloomingfoods locations.

Green Drinks Bloomington
Here's our regular reminder that Green Drinks Bloomington meets the 4th Wednesday of every month from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Banquet Facility at Upland Brewing. A $5 donation is requested; some food is provided. This month Jacqui Bauer, City of Bloomington Sustainability Coordinator will deliver an address entitled "Greening History: Achieving LEED Certification for City Hall" during the programmed portion of the evening, from 6 - 6:30 on September 26th.  Her talk will focus on the challenges of certifying Bloomington's City Hall -- a 100 year old building -- through the U.S. Green building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. Please join us for a snack, a drink, and a lively discussion with your friends and neighbors.

Bloom Front Page Challenge
The Bloom Front Page Challenge is a great way to support our community. You can make a tax-deductible contribution here or by mentioning to your Bloomingfoods cashier that you'd like to make a donation.   Please give generously, and help us practice the 7th Cooperative Principle: Concern for Community.

In the Co-op World

Guides to Jamming and Pickling
The National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) and Bloomingfoods are supporting the No Kid Hungry campaign in conjunction with World Food Day (10/16/12). We will be participating by donating a percentage of store sales, and featuring vendor partners' products that are on promotion during October.

Food, Eating, and Health

Guides to Jamming and Pickling
There is no better way to capture the flavors of summer and save money than by preserving the windfall of fruits and vegetables we enjoy at the end of summer. The Washington Post offers this article on pickling and jamming, including suggestions on some of the best new publications on this subject

By early fall the markets and many home gardens are awash in zucchini. Are you feeling desperate? What to do with all this squash!  The LA Times celebrates this prolific vegetable, and offers a slew of recipes.

Who Funded the Study?
Did you hear about the Stanford study that claimed organic foods are no healthier than non-organic foods?  Suspicious of both the methodology and findings of the study, the Cornucopia Institute investigated the matter, and now reports that the Freeman Spogli Institute, out of which many of the scientists work, receives enormous financial support from corporate agriculture and biotechnology companies such as Cargill.  Regardless of the study's legitimacy, one cannot help but be reminded of the old aphorism: he who pays the piper calls the tune.

Landmark Court Case Declares Aurora Dairy Guilty
In a case stretching back to 2005, Aurora Dairy, an industrial-scale "organic" dairy operation, and such major customers as Walmart, Costco, and Target were found guilty recently of misrepresenting the authenticity of their products. The class action suit awarded $7.5 million to consumers in more than 30 states. Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute lauded the decision, stating "The settlement proves our contention that there is a higher authority enforcing the organic standards in this country than the USDA, and that's the organic consumer."

Farm Bill
The current edition of the American Farm Bill is set to expire at the end of the month. Grist tells us Congress will do one of three things: pass a new one; renew the old one; or simple "flake out" and do nothing, thereby forcing the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture “to occupy a multiple-month holding pattern, temporarily stopping many services and programs … programs that need to be renewed and refunded would be left high and dry, including all the major programs for beginning and minority farmers, farmers markets, organic agriculture, renewable energy, and rural economic development.”  If you have strong feelings about all this, you can still let the House, Senate, and President know, via this petition.

Bragg Live Foods Celebrates 100 Years in Business
In celebration of Bragg's 100th birthday, from September 19 through October 2 we'll be offering 5% off on books, beverages, Bragg Liquid Aminos, Organic Apple Cider, seasonings, olive oil, salad dressing and marinades. Because they contain no gluten, Bragg Liquid Aminos make a good substitute for tamari or soy sauce. Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar is gluten free, organically grown, and Kosher certified. Look for Bragg books on sale, too, containing recipes and nutrition advice. These are classics in the field of personal health, updated for contemporary times.

Environmental News

Pet Dirt Good for Babies
Keep your baby dirty. A Finnish study found that kids who lived with a dog were 31% more likely to be in good health, 44% less likely to have developed an ear infection, and 29% less likely to have needed antibiotics.  A cat gave similar but less pronounced benefits.  Germs and dirt from pets who spend time outdoors stimulate the baby’s immune system so that babies exposed to pets and dust are less likely to develop allergies and asthma.

Closing Thoughts

"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need. 
~ Ayurvedic proverb

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating."
~ Luciano Pavorotti, tenor

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