Wanted: A Few Good Cooperators

Do you have an interest in serving your cooperative and your community? Do you share a commitment to your co-op’s mission and values? Are you a conceptual thinker who can grasp the big picture? Can you work in a group to oversee a vibrant developing organization and help it articulate and achieve its end goals?

If all of the above sound good to you so far, you may have an interest in running for the BCS Board of Directors. Even though we just witnessed an inauguration ceremony from last November’s national election, we still have another election cycle coming up in the cooperative world of Bloomingfoods.

Nominations will soon be accepted for three open seats in this years’ Board of Director’s Election. This is the first call for candidates, getting you thinking about whether or not it is something you’d be interested in, and even more importantly, something you’d be good at and enjoy.

What kind of candidate is Bloomingfoods looking for? Well, we’ve been very fortunate over the years in having highly motivated and capable BOD members and we hope to continue this tradition. Other than being a member in good standing, no prior experience or professional training is required to run for the board. Necessary training will be provided to newly elected Board members. However, we have found over the years that certain skills and abilities make for useful and satisfied directors. They include:

• Integrity, flexibility, and common sense

• Communication and group process skills

• Leadership and facilitation skills

• Ability to see the big picture

• Ability to read financial statements (training provided to all new BOD members)

• Ability to support a group decision, regardless of personal viewpoint

• Commitment to enhance the quality of life for our community

• A desire to learn

• Understanding of the cooperative movement and Bloomingfoods history

This is your first reminder that the 2013 election cycle is about to begin. In next month's newsletter we’ll provide information about what is expected of board members, share a little bit about the Policy Governance model that we utilize to govern our organization, and provide details on the nomination and election process. Here’s hoping that if it seems like it could be a good fit for you, you’ll throw your hat in the ring.