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Happy Holidays from the East Store Grocery!

Your friends in the East Store grocery department thank all our member-owners and customers for a wonderful year and wish you all a very happy holiday season!


Gluten-Free Endcap

Hi, everyone.

In response to the sheer quantity of daily requests from customers for gluten-free grocery items, we have put together an Endcap at the back of the store (between aisles 4 and 5) to help folks become familiar with their choices. That's right, an entire section of the store (albeit small) is now devoted exclusively to gluten-free. We have also put up “GF” shelf tags to identify gluten free items on their normal shelf spaces. A gluten-free diet is recommended in the treatment of celiac disease and wheat allergies.


Grocery News from the East Store - May 2009

ImageLocal Spotlight
Local Folks Food. I just can’t say enough about this brand, the people behind it, the quality of the products they make and, of course, the taste ... Steve and Anita Spencer are the folks behind Local Folks.  They hail from Sheridan, Indiana north of Indianapolis and can be found weekly at the Saturday Farmers’ Market. We’re thrilled to be their retail outlet in Bloomington and encourage you to give any of their products a try! LocalFolks Foods has a simple mission statement: To develop a diverse food line with an emphasis on using local, fresh, natural ingredients. Making a conscious effort to reduce the distances our food travels before consumption.


East Store Grocery News: April 2009

East Store grocery manager Martha Philion is very pleased to announce a whole host of new products: extraordinary fresh fish, new turkey products, gluten-free items, hand-made marshmallows, and much more. There's something for everyone this month.

Honolulu Fish Company:
We are so excited to offer this awesome product!  The Honolulu Fish Company is a raw Hawaiian supplier of sushi grade fresh fish to five star restaurants and top chefs – and now to Bloomingfoods!  The fish we order arrives at our door within 24 hours of being line caught in the Hawaiian Pacific waters.  Personally, I’ve tried the Mahi Mahi and the swordfish, so far, and they are delicious!  I pan fried the Mahi Mahi to imitate an incredible sandwich I had on the beaches of Maui some years back.  It was perfect! And, the garlic/chipotle aioli was just the right accompaniment. For the swordfish, I baked it in a bath of white wine/fresh lemon juice/a little oil/ginger & garlic.  10 minutes at 425 degrees.  It was amazing!   We’d love to hear your feedback about our new fish products.


Spring 2009 Truckload Sale Price Samples

Manufacturer                     Item Description                                                 Size           Sale $        cs pk        case $
WESTSOY                          ORG LOWFAT PLAIN SOY DRINK                  32 OZ           $1.50            12           $16.20
SUNSHINE ACRES          ORG LEMONADE                                              64 OZ           $2.29              8           $16.49
TREE OF LIFE                   TUNA TONGOL NS                                              6 OZ           $0.99             24           $21.38
SUNSHINE ACRES         ORG BLUE CORN TORTILLA CHIPS             16 OZ           $2.00             12           $21.60
SUNSHINE ACRES          ORG YELLOW CORN TORTILLA CHIPS      16 OZ           $2.00             12           $21.60
IMAGNE FOODS               RICE DREAM ENRCHD ORIGL                      32 FO           $2.00             12           $21.60
LIVING HARVEST             HEMPMILK ORGNL GF                                    32 FO           $2.50             12           $27.00
SPECTRUM NATURALS    EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL                           33.8 OZ       $11.99             6           $64.75
TREE OF LIFE                    ORGANIC BLACK BEANS                               15 OZ            $1.39            12           $15.01
LITTLE BEAR                     REFRIED BLACK BEANS                                16 OZ            $1.39            12           $15.01
MOUNTAIN SUN               PURE BLEND CRANBERRY JUICE             32 FO           $5.99            12           $64.69
POPCORN INDIANA         ORIGINAL KETTLE POPCORN                    10.5 OZ         $2.00            12           $21.60
SEVENTH GENRTION      DISHWASH LIQ FREE & CLEAR                   48 OZ           $4.00             6           $21.60
TREE OF LIFE                   ORGANIC CHICKEN BROTH                           32 OZ           $2.50            12           $27.00
BLUE DIAMOND               ALMOND BREEZE BEV                                   32 FO           $1.50            12           $16.20
ORGANIC VALLEY          NONSALTED ORGANIC BUTTER                  16 OZ            $4.50            15           $60.75
ORGANIC VALLEY          HTST MILK FF ORG                                            1 GA             $5.49             4            $19.76
ORGANIC VALLEY          HTST MILK 2% RF ORG                                    1 GA             $5.49             4            $19.76
SEVENTH GENRTION      BATH TISSUE                                                 12RL PCK     $6.49             4            $23.36