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East Store Patio and Garden Center Project

ImageAt last! We've wrapped up the major stages in the reconstruction of our patio and the creation of the garden center.  I've done my best here to document the process, with lots of pictures and explanations of the process. Presented chronologically, from the present to the beginning, these pictures illustrate the removal of the concrete floor of the patio (inexplicably up to 14 inches deep in places), then show the adding of fine gravel, sand, and finally the pavers, themselves.  More recently, there are images of the flower racks and the various flowers and shrubs, themselves.  We think the area  has quickly evolved into a place both beautiful to visit and helpful in the creation of our own gardens.  But it's not complete: we'll be making many adjustments in the days and years ahead to ensure that we offering the best possible selection of the items our member-owners let us know they want. Please don't hesitate to chat with us at the center or drop off a comment card if you have ideas about how we can make the center even better.

~ Steve 



Local Growers Wanted For the Garden Center

Garden Center Manager, JD Lucas, sends out the following appeal to all local growers, inviting you to be part of the new garden center he is creating at our East Store.



I have been given an opportunity to open a new garden center at the Bloomingfoods eastside location. The garden center will be an extension of Bloomingfoods, and I will be managing it for them. With that said, Bloomingfoods would like to invite local growers and producers to sell their products in the new garden center. Foods and perishable items would still be sold through the produce department, but all plants and related items will be sold through the garden center. I would be happy to talk with any local producer interested in becoming a vendor to the garden center. The products can be anything one might think to find at a garden center, so don't limit your thinking to just plants. Bloomingfoods will offer wholesale or consignment terms to local venders. All products must be of good quality, healthy, and free of defect to be considered for sale through the garden center.  This is a tremendous opportunity for all and I would like thank Bloomingfoods for making this possible.

Please have anyone interested to contact me:
JD Lucas
812-988-0596   Home Office
812-988-0343   Fax
812-345-6750   Cell
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

May Grocery Happenings at the East Store

ImageAs May is transitioning into June, we're delighted with all the new products coming in. Most recently, we've taken delivery on three organic beers from local brewery, Wilbur's, out of Martinsville. These consist of their amber beer called County Mellow, brewed using medium malt and nugget hops, their Biker Brown, a medium dark ale, and their seasonal Summer Ale.

On another front, you may notice that the grocery department has initiated early morning (before the store opens) stocking.  So, you won’t see us with the BIG carts on the floor getting in your way.  We’ll still be out there stocking, but nothing like what you’re used to (thank goodness!!)  So….it’s been a very busy 6 weeks but we’re pretty proud of how the Co-op looks and how we (hopefully!) have improved your shopping experience.  Now, for more news from East Grocery….


Expanded Garden Center

The peepers are peeping, flower bulbs are leaping and Virginia creeper is creeping…
Ah…finally...spring is here after a long chilly, snowy winter. So put away the snowshoes and shed the shut-in blues with beautiful hues from our newly expanded garden center at the East Third Street location.
The past few years we’ve had a number of requests from our member-owners to offer a full-service garden center. This spring we will be able to provide you with an expanded selection of plants and landscaping supplies over on the East side.
To help us get going, JD Lucas, the founder of Gram’s Nursery in Nashville, Indiana, will be directing garden center operations. JD plans on having a wide variety of hanging baskets, perennials, annuals, bedding flats, nursery stock, native plants, roses, grasses, berries, garden tools and more. You’ll find rain barrels and composters, too.
In addition to the expanded product mix we will also strive to soften the exterior of the East Third Street store with new landscape beds in the parking lot, decorative fence panels, a resurfacing of the patio – plus we are building a pergola to provide some shade for outdoor dining.
We plan on opening the expanded garden center on the weekend of April 18, so be sure to mark your calendar and remember Bloomingfoods as you make your garden wish list.
And in recognition of Arbor Day, April 30, stop by any of our locations between 3pm and 7pm to receive a free native tree seedling from our friends at Sycamore Land Trust. This is one of our most popular annual events, and it will be a great opportunity to enjoy the many recent upgrades to our East store.

Gold at the End of the Rainbow

ImageWe've always heard there was gold at the end of the rainbow. Thanks to alert member-owner Stephanie Kimball, who snapped this picture during last week's storm, we see there is some truth to the old legend!