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Composter & Rain Barrel Sale: One Day Only!

East Bloomingfoods to Host One-Day-Only Compost Bin and Rain Barrel Sale

Come to the East Bloomingfoods parking lot on April 30th, 2011, from 9am-3pm (rain or shine) to find great one-day-only prices on Compost Bins and Rain Barrels. Compost bins valued at $100 will cost only $45, and $150 rain barrels will sell for $60. Make an Earth Day impact at your home with these great products this year.

This sale is sponsored by the Eco Media Center of Monroe County and the Center for Sustainable Living.


East Store Grocery News: May 2011


We have lots of new items for you to try out in the Grocery Department at the East Store! 
In the Grocery Department:
•    Ecolution Frying Pans: eco-friendly non-stick aluminum cookware, employing a water based  solvent. 
•    Tea Unwrapped:  A Fishers, Indiana company founded by Cheryl Watson.  We’re carrying  two Tea Unwrapped premium organic whole leaf teas!  “ From Sri Lanka, you will fall in love with our Ceylon Black Tea.  It produces a  rich ruby red liquor with medium astringency and a light, fruity balance. It's Organic, Fair Trade and Bio-Dynamic.  Our Masala Chai Tea is a custom blend you can only purchase from Tea Unwrapped!  It is perfect served alone or with milk and honey.  It contains whole leaf black tea, whole cardamom, ginger root, saigon cinnamon, cloves, black peppercorns and is 100% organic. “ 
•    Tree of Life:  Shelf stable Almond Milk (Vanilla and Original Unsweetened)  32 oz cartons for $2.29
•    Achva:  Made in Israel, certified Kosher, we are carrying the Pistachio and Vanilla flavors 16 oz for $5.99
•    Alessi Breadsticks:  Thin Sesame and Thin Garlic
•    Better Than Bouillon:  Chili Base and Turkey Base
•    Roland:  White Clam Sauce
•    Golden Temple:  Naan Bread Mix
•    Benedicta:  Bernaise Sauce and Creamy Garlic (Aioli) Sauce

In the Refrigerated/Frozen Department:
•    Wolferman’s :  English Muffins (Sourdough and Cinnamon Raisin)
•    Uncle Matt’s:  Organic Grapefruit Juice and Organic Lemonade
•    Sukhi’s Gourmet:  Naanwich (Chicken Kebob, Chicken Curry, Spinach and Tofu and Chicken Tikka Masala)
•    Bubbie’s:  Pickled Tomatoes!  YES, Pickled Tomatoes!
•    Monterey:  Alfredo Sauce, Tomato Basil Sauce, Pesto Sauce
Here’s some more good news on the Refrigerated Front:  Two very popular local items are back:  Phoenix Farms Tofu and Organic Acres Eggs.  Enjoy!!

In The Bulk Department:
•    Wild Rice Stick snacks
•    Organic Quinoa Flour
•    Cranberries Jubilee Trailmix
•    And new Brown County Coffees  in bulk include:  Audrey’s Blend, Breakfast Blend, Artist’s Dark Roast
•    We now are offering our co-op members special pricing on Brown County “Bloomingfoods Member Medium.” 

Please let us know what you think.  We love trying out new products and appreciate all of your suggestions (even if we can’t bring them all in!!)  See you soon!

East Store Grocery News: June 2011

One of our projects for this summer is to organize each grocery category, i.e., crackers, cereal, frozen entrees, etc. so that, within each category, there is a very distinct and clearly identifiable Gluten Free section.  Much of the “moving around” has already happened and now we’re simply waiting for the merchandising materials to arrive.  As always we welcome your feedback!

The East store is stocking some new items that I hope will interest some of you (many of these have been requested by customers.)

Refrigerated Items:
•    Organic Valley Orange Juice is back!!  After too many months of doing without, I’m happy to report that these favorite refrigerated juices are back on the shelves.  Here’s a simple recipe from the OV website.  Enjoy!

Zesty Ginger Mashed Sweet Potatoes
What a marvelous thing a sweet potato is—rich and meaty and full of fiber, beta carotene and vitamin C. Not to mention how radiant it looks on the plate!
3 pounds sweet potatoes
1 1⁄2 - 2 tablespoons grated gingerroot
1⁄3 cup Organic Valley Orange Juice, at room temperature
2-3 tablespoons Organic Valley Butter, cut into pieces and softened
Salt & pepper to taste
1. Place sweet potatoes in a cold oven; turn on oven to 350 degrees and bake until very tender, about 1 hour. (They can also be started in a hot oven.)
2. Cut hot sweet potatoes in half and scoop the flesh out into a bowl. Whip with remaining ingredients and serve immediately (or let cool and reheat in microwave oven before serving).
Copyright by Terese Allen
Jolly Llama Squeezeups:  From the website www.jollyllamasorbets.com:“Jolly Llama’s Sorbet Squeezups – our first line of delicious, healthier frozen treats - are made from actual fruit, not juices or concentrates. As a result they burst with the refreshing, real taste of sun-ripened fruit while retaining the rich store of nutrients nature intended…More than just make better frozen treats, though, we want to be a socially responsible company that gives back. Our biggest focus is on promoting healthier lifestyles through healthier diets.   This year we are launching a drive to support local non-profits that work to get kids eating healthier food. We envision a day where preventative health care, including diets with more whole foods and healthier processed foods, will save future generations from suffering the ill-affects of the epidemic rates of obesity and diabetes our children are experiencing now.”

Other new grocery items include:
Late July Tortilla Chips, Udi’s Gluten Free Hamburger buns, Hot Dog Buns and Chia Millet Bread, Ines Rosales  Cinnamon Sweet Olive Oil Tortas (sure to become one of your favorite snacks!),Rudi’s frozen Gluten Free Pizza Crust, Pamela’s Gluten Free Cookie Bites and Local Folks Foods Pizza Sauce!

One last thing….as a follow up to last month’s newsletter….  I bought a Sprouting Jar from our new Seed Sprouting Station and some broccoli sprouts.  It’s magic!  I was eating (and sharing with others) delicious, nutritious sprouts on everything within three short days.  You should try it!

Have a great June everybody!

Martha Philion, Grocery Manager 

Truckload Teaser

Manufacturer                Item Description            # in Case     Size     Sale Price      Reg Price    10% Case Price

Sunshine Acres               White Cheddar Puffs                12           4 oz          $1.09            $1.49             $11.77

Sunshine Acres               Veggie Chips                           12           7 oz          $1.50            $1.89             $16.20

Sunshine Acres               Lemonade                                 8         64 oz          $2.00            $3.69             $14.40

Sunshine Acres               Yellow Corn Tortilla Chip          12         16 oz          $2.00            $2.79             $21.60

Tree of Life                      Organic Black Beans               12         15 oz          $1.19            $1.69             $12.85

Tree of Life                      Tuna Tongol                             24           6 oz          $1.39            $2.19             $30.02

Tree of Life                     Organic Diced Tomato              12          28 oz         $2.00             $2.89             $21.60

Tree of Life                     Organic Frozen Blueberries       12          10 oz         $3.50             $5.99             $37.80

Zico                                Coconut Water                           12          14 oz         $1.39             $2.89              $15.01

Spectrum Naturals          Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil     6        25.4 oz       $10.99            $17.39             $59.35

Napa Valley                   Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil    12        25.4 oz         $7.99            $14.39            $86.29

Seventh Generation       Free & Clear Dshwshing Liquid   6           48 oz         $4.19             $6.19             $22.63

Seventh Generation       Bath Tissue                                  4           1 each        $5.99             $9.99            $21.56

Little Bear                      Refried Beans                             12           16 oz          $2.00             $2.29            $21.60

Native Forest                Organic Coconut Milk                  12         13.5 oz         $1.69            $2.29             $18.25

Nature's Path                Organic Flax Plus Cereal            12         13.2 oz          $2.50            $4.79            $27.00



East Store Grocery News: August 2011

We’ve got some new items on the shelves and we’ve got one big personnel change to share with you.

First, we'd like to announce that Matt Beall is our new Beer & Wine buyer, taking the helm from Amelia Williams, who has moved on.  I’m very excited about Matt’s expertise and enthusiasm.  He hit the ground runnin’ this week, has some great new ideas, and can’t wait to become acquainted with our beer and wine drinking customers!  Matt has been with Bloomingfoods for almost a year, so you’ll recognize him.  Stop by and say hello.

New Items:
Sharwood’s  Puppadom (spicy and plain):  These are an awesome, inexpensive, no fat, simple to prepare, and really tasty accompaniment to any Indian meal.

Bob’s Red Mill Millett Flour (thanks to customer requests)

Amy’s Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies and Pamela’s Gluten Free Simple Bites Cookies.

Two new flavors of Zevia Soda:  Caffein Free Cola and Dr. Zevia

Coco Exposed flavored coconut waters:  Aloe Vera with Wheatgrass, Passion Fruit & Pineapple and Mangosteen & Mango.

C2o Pure Coconut Water

Udi’s frozen Chocolate Muffins and Cinnamon Rolls

Ciao Bella Key Lime Graham Gelato Squares and S’mores Gelato Squares

Herb Ox Sodium Free Beef Bouillon

Cascade Fresh 64oz and 32oz yogurts: we brought these in to replace the much-missed Mountain High yogurts.  Mountain High was bought by another company and they have not decided yet, to our knowledge, whether to continue producing Mountain High.  We hope so and will bring it back if and when production resumes.

Trader’s Point cottage cheese is back!  Thanks for bugging us to bring it back…..

Bulk Adzuki beans are back and we’re stocked up on bulk pine nuts for your pesto making needs!  Also, be looking for our new BULK COOKING GUIDE!  It’ll be available soon.

We’ve also got some exciting new local products coming soon.  I’ll let you know more when we get them in!