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Spring 2012 Truckload Teaser List

Here are a few examples of the price breaks we'll be offering at this spring's truckload sale. It'll be a great opportunity to stock up on many of your favorite items.

Brand                              Item Description                            Size     Sale Price    cs pk    Reg Price    10% case price
TREE OF LIFE             CANNED TUNA                                 6 oz           1.75           24           $2.25            $37.80
TREE OF LIFE             ORGANIC BLACK BEANS             45 oz         1.15            12           $1.59            $12.42
SUNSHINE ACRES     WHITE CHEDDAR PUFFS              4 oz         1.15          12           $2.19            $12.42
SUNSHINE ACRES     MULTIGRAIN CHIPS                       7 oz          1.69           12           $2.29            $18.25
SUNSHINE ACRES     VEGGIE CHIPS                                7 oz          1.59           12           $1.89            $17.17
SUNSHINE ACRES     LIGHTLY SALTED POPCORN        3.5 oz       1.09          12          $1.39            $11.77
SUNSHINE ACRES     LEMONADE                                     64 oz          2.50            8           $4.49            $18.00
SUNSHINE ACRES     KETTLE POTATO CHIPS               9 oz           2.00           12          $2.19             $21.60
ORGANIC VALLEY      ORGANIC BUTTER                        16 oz         4.99            15          $5.79             $67.37
SUNSHINE ACRES    YELLOW CORN TORTILLA CHIPS    16 oz     2.00         12         $2.79              $21.60
SEVENTH GEN          12 PACK BATH TISSUE                  1 each       6.99            4           $9.99             $25.16
TREE OF LIFE           ORGANIC FROZEN BLUEBERRIES    10 oz     3.49         12          $4.59           $37.69
NAPA VALLEY           ORGANIC XTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL   25 oz        7.99          6          $14.39           $43.15
TREE OF LIFE          ORGANIC DICED TOMATOES            28 oz         2.00        12          $2.75            $21.60
TREE OF LIFE          MACARONI & CHEESE                       6 oz          1.39           12         $1.65            $15.01

East Store Grocery News: June 2012

Happy June!  We have several new items to highlight:

Masters Hand Barbecue Sauces and flavored Cashews:  “Looking for a sauce that stands out from the rest? A BBQ for those who  have  a  finer  taste  in  mind?  Cut  the  wild west shenanigans  and  hillbilly  hype  and  enjoy  your  food  with a
delectable,  rich,  food  sauce  that  is  not  like any other BBQ you have ever tried! It will have you on cloud nine!”

Local Folks Foods:  Garden Fresh Mild Salsa (joining the rest of the family – Hot & Medium!) and Enchilada Sauce
“The LocalFolks Foods line originated with products made for local farmers’ markets from ingredients grown on Steve and Anita Spencer’s seventh-generation family farm in Sheridan, Indiana. We are now realizing our dream of producing the largest selection of products showcasing the flavors of the Midwest year-round. By partnering with family farms, farm cooperatives, and processors throughout the region, we help recreate and strengthen Midwest food networks and provide new opportunities for family farms as we continue to add to our line of natural and wholesome products.”

Field Roast:  Refrigerated Vegetarian Frankfurters and Deli Slices, brought to you by customer request!  Try them and let me know what you think.

Bakery on Main:  True Bar again, brought to you by customer request!

Lovestreet Living Foods:  Raw and organic Superfudge Bar, Coconut Crystal Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Spread, Coconut Chocolate Spread, and Chocolate Syrup!  Another customer request fulfilled!

So Delicious:  6 oz. greek yogurts (Blueberry and Strawberry)

And, in our bulk department: 
Forbidden Black Rice:  The Emperor says, “Hands off the black rice! It’s mine.”
“Black Rice is also known as “forbidden rice”, and as the name might imply, consuming it without approval from the proper authorities can have life threatening consequences for those involved. Luckily, we no longer live in times of Black Rice prohibition.” Black rice is rich in antioxidants, iron and fiber and may well be the next Superfood!  Check out blackrice.com for more info!

No Salt Pistachios:  I don’t know….I just don’t get this one, but several customers have asked, so now they’re here!!

Wine & Beer: Thanks to all who attended the Wine Tasting on the Patio during the Truckload Sale last month! It was a resounding success!  We gave ALMOST $600 to the Boys and Girls Club from the $5 entry fee!  And, although the sun was in rare May form that day, we all had a great time!  My personal favorite wine was 3 Brooms, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that tastes just like your grandmother’s vegetable garden in the middle of summer with notes of tomato plants, dill and cucumber.  Really!!

As a final note I’d like to share with you the recall of Crown Prince Oysters.  The FDA states that canned, fresh and frozen shellfish from South Korea are considered adulterated.  All wholesale shipments and retail sales have ceased until further notice.  This recall affects oysters from South Korea, only and no other Crown Prince products are affected by it.  The FDA also states that no illnesses from the consumption of Korean shellfish have been reported.

New Cart Corral at Bloomingfoods East

You asked, and we delivered! We have a great facilities team at Bloomingfoods, with long-time employee Pete Kinne and his assistant, Tom Sessa. They focus on big projects and building maintenance, and are extremely clever tool-savvy guys.

Here's a recent project: a brand new additional cart corral farther out in the East store parking lot. If you've got little kids or don't get around so easily anymore (or if the lot just happens to be crowded), you now have a more convenient spot to return your cart. And remember—just ask for assistance if you'd like some help taking your groceries out to your car!

Here's Our Co-op Model E-3 Tractor


Bloomingfoods is now the proud owner of a beautifully restored 1947 Co-op Model E-3 tractor. Manufactured by Cockshutt Farm Equipment, Ltd. in Branford, Ontario, this model was sold throughout the U.S. in the 1940s and 1950s to local farmer-owned cooperatives.

We are proud to own and use this beautifully restored tractor, reminding us as it does of the small family farms we care about and the cooperative business model we practice. We intend to use the E-3 for a variety of chores and events around our facilities and the town. For now, you can introduce yourself to the Co-op tractor over at the East store, near the Garden Center!


East Store Four Seasons Room

The East store patio is getting walls and a roof!  We are building a four seasons room with skylights, windows that open, and space for events and seating. Our goal is to create a pleasant space that is an integral part of the East store, enhancing your experience there, and providing more space for lingering over a sandwich or cup of coffee. We'll keep loading photos as the project unfolds.