This is our East Store page.

East Store Grocery News for May

We have a few new items of note in the Grocery Department that we’d like to bring to your attention:

Our good friends Tiny Footprints Distributors are supplying us with some very nice regionally sourced products: From Shagbark Seed & Mill Co. in Athens, Ohio we bring you their very delicious Corn Tortilla Chips and Corn Mini Crackers. The company's vision and mission are very admirable:

Our Vision
"To be a model for regionally based production, processing, and marketing  grains, beans, nuts, flour, and oil seed that focusing on fair farm and worker wages, great flavor and nutrition,  and equitable distribution through schools, retailers, farmers markets, restaurants, bakeries, and community and school yard gardens.”

Our Mission
"To build a field-to-table model for regional scale, sustainably grown, high nutrition grain and bean products that ensure broad access to good food. That means that good, healthy food is available to newcomers to the local food movement."

And, from Urban Chefs in Columbus, Ohio we’re trying out their Cut Green Beans and French Cut Green Beans.  Look for them in the canned vegetable section. A “Certified Minority Business Enterprise,” part of the Urban Chefs mission statement is: …”only the finest of ingredients are used in our gourmet line of products… In the tradition of African-American Culinary Heritage, capturing the contrast of the old, the new, and the future need of our customers."

From Doc’s Family of Foods we’re offering two salad dressings/marinades for you to try: Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette and Mark’s Miso Vinaigrette – both Gluten Free and delicious!

In our BULK DEPARTMENT, new items of note include: A delicious raw, organic trail mix (nuts & seeds with raisins, pineapple and coconut), Heritage Flakes, Chunks of Energy Cha Cha Chia!

In our BEER DEPARTMENT check out the newly bottled Fountain Square Brewing beer from Indy!

In our BREAD DEPARTMENT check out a new line of breads (requested by several customers who are partial to the Paleo Diet lifestyle):

Paleo Breads: one made with Almond Flour, another with Coconut Flour

Carb Zero: Smart Carb Plain and Smart Carb #1

Find them in the frozen bread section and please let us know what you think!


Latest & Greatest in Meats from the East Store

Miller Amish Chicken now has Organic!  Yes folks, after many pitfalls and jumping through as many hoops, the East store meat department is proud to be the sole provider in Bloomington of Miller Amish Organic Chicken!
Whole Organic Fryers -         $3.99/lb
Boneless/Skinless Organic Breasts -    $8.79/lb
Bone-in/Skin-on Organic Thighs -     $4.29/lb

Another new delectable treat from our friends at The Smoking Goose:
Pig & Fig Terrine – A rustic country style paté with finesse and twang.  A mixture of coarsely ground pork shoulder is blended with red wine and figs, wrapped in caul fat and packed into a terrine mold.  The resulting texture is humble and comforting.  8 oz. portion for $9.99!

New Smoked Fish!  The East side Meat Dept. is now offering a new line of smoked Mackerel for all you smoked seafood lovers. 
Haifa Cold Smoked Whole Mackerel - $10.29/lb
Haifa Hot Smoked Whole Mackerel   - $10.29/lb
Haifa Smoked Mackerel Fillet            - $15.99/lb

A little info on smoking meats:

Cold smoking and hot smoking are two different methods for handling meat after it has been butchered. The big difference between cold smoking and hot smoking is that one method involves heat, while the other does not. Both will impart flavor to the meat, but hot smoking also cures it, creating a shelf-stable meat which can be stored in more varied conditions than cold smoked meat. When meat is hot smoked, it is enclosed in a smoker along with a fire or pit of coals. Aromatic woods such as cedar, hickory, or apple, among others, are added to the fire so that they will generate strongly scented, flavorful smoke. The heat from the fire or coals cooks the meat, curing it so that it is less likely to decay, while the smoke penetrates the meat, infusing it with a rich flavor. It is not uncommon to marinate or brine meats before hot smoking them, to add flavors like honey or sugar. When meat is subjected to cold smoking, it is also hung in a smoker, but the smoke is generated in a separate chamber and the temperature is kept much lower, typically a little warmer than ambient room temperature. The cold smoking process can take days or weeks, as the smoke slowly penetrates the meat without heat. Since cold smoking does not cure meats, they are usually salted or brined before being cold smoked. The salt cure ensures that the meat will stay bacteria free.

July Meat & Seafood News

It’s starting to get hot out there folks, and you know what that means.  Yup, that’s right, swimmin’ and grillin’ time!  And Bloomingfoods has just what you need to get that grill back in excellent summer order. 
First, Fischer Farms full slab babyback ribs are back at the East side.  Pick some up today for only $5.29/lb.!  We also have Miller Amish organic chicken breasts and thighs, both boneless and skinless.  These are perfect for your backyard party or whatever else might be going on this summer.   Organic Breasts - $8.79/lb, Organic Thighs - $5.99/lb

Alaska is in the midst of its annual salmon season and Bloomingfoods East has fresh Sockeye Salmon fillets for only $19.99/lb!  You’ll never taste salmon like this, unless of course you go to Alaska and fish for your own.  But we’d be happy to do all the hard work for you.  Come in today and try some. 

Our new store in the Elm Heights Neighborhood is getting awfully close to opening it’s doors, and I can’t wait to offer our regular items and also new and exciting items not presently sold at any of our locations.  There will be packaged meats, an 8 ft. full service meat case, a 4 ft. seafood case, and lots of other deli and charcuterie items for you to enjoy.  All the favorites and much more will be offered including beef, pork, chicken, bison, lamb, goat, salmon, seafood, and a few new surprises.  Walk on over and check us out in our brand new, state-of-the-art retail store located on the corner of 2nd and Fess. 

Josh Hermes
Bloomingfoods Meat Buyer

Mulch for Sale at Bloomingfoods East

We sell all natural mulch by the yard ($30/per yard) at the Bloomingfoods East Garden Center, and can deliver it by the next day to your home.

Mulch protects plants from drought and offers an attractive ground cover. It helps preserve the fertility and health of the soil, and reduces the growth of weeds.


July Grocery News

Hello out there!  There is a LOT going on at Bloomingfoods this month with the opening of the Elm Heights store!  We’re all busy, busy, busy and excited, excited, excited! The staff at all the stores are keeping up with the usual day to day tasks and have been enjoying chatting with you about all the changes.  And it’s been a particular pleasure for me, as I begin spending more and more time at all locations, to see so many familiar faces at all the stores. (Steve here. This seems an opportune moment to interject that Martha Philion, the author of the present report, was recently promoted from grocery manager at the East store into the position of central grocery buyer for all Bloomingfoods locations, hence your encountering her in the aisles of our other stores. We're extremely fortunate to enjoy Martha's very considerable skill and dedication. Please congratulate her when you see her.)

Here are some new items that we recently brought into the East store:
BULK:  Try our new flavor of EQUAL EXCHANGE Bird of Paradise Coffee! Limited Edition! Available June - October. A sweet, smooth and creamy coffee from El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in Mexico.  From the Equal Exchange website:
Aroma: fresh honey, orange, caramel
Flavor: sweet, malted chocolate, citrus
Mouthfeel: smooth & creamy

“’Introducing our Biosphere Reserve Series, showcasing coffee from some of the most wondrous and wild places... and working to keep them that way! We source coffee from three national parks that are ecological powerhouses in different corners of the globe. Coffee is an important part of how communities buffering the parks preserve the protected ecosystems. This series will highlight coffee from each park - one at a time, over the course of a year. “

BULK:  We’ve found a source for organic whole corn in 25# bags from one of our favorite local partners, Fields of Agape.  Although we don’t plan to carry it as a regular item at this time, it is available as a special order.  Just give us a call if you’re interested; it’ll take a week or two to get it in, so plan ahead!

QUILTER’S COMFORT:  “I Love Me” herbal tea now on the shelves from another one of our favorite local partners!  From Patricia’s website www.quilterscomfort.com:~I LOVE Me Contains a Certified Organic blend of Lemon Balm (release past tension), Strawberry Leaves (joy in life, helps heal past, Red Raspberry Leaves (accepting more joy), Hyssop (connect to others, harmony), Rose Petals (deepening compassion, purity of love), and Thyme (sense of direction, calm).  This satisfying blend is all about nurturing the self by saying I LOVE Me. Loving you is a very good thing to do. When we have love and appreciation for the self, we can easily express love and appreciate others. Thank You, I Love You.”

MISTER BUCK’S GENUINELY GOOD PET FOOD:  Another one of our favorite local partners will be offering a new flavor of their dry dog food, Rescue Blend
Rescue Blend ™
Providing Shelters, Rescues, & Police K9 Great Food at an Exceptionally Great Price

From Jon Kitto, one of the founders of Mister Bucks, and another one of our favorite local partners:
“When I was a child, we were not wealthy. My mother would make good, wholesome meals Sunday to Thursday. By Friday there was a mix of leftovers from these good meals. Every Friday Mom would grind the leftovers up, put them in a casserole dish and bake a layer of "Spoon Bread" on top. She called it "Knish," which is a Jewish dish popular in Eastern Europe.
We weren't always crazy about the way the Knish looked, but it was a good, wholesome meal and all of us have thrived!
We, at Mister Buck's Genuinely Good Pet Food Company, are dedicated to helping Shelters, Humane Societies and Rescue Groups. One of the things that has perplexed us is how do we get great food to these folks as cheaply as possible?   Then the plant came up with a great idea!  Between every run of our food, there is a crossover batch.  It has been so successful that we have made our own "knish" formula!”

Rescue Blend is an excellent food, NO CORN, NO SOY, NO WHEAT.

Flat 12, an Indianapolis brewery, is offering a seasonal beer that Ben says is “just delicious!” It’s called Cucumber Kölsch – light and refreshing with a subtle undertone of cucumber.  Perfect for hot summer sipping! We’re also happy to have landed a new crop of Italian Wines that are, according to former wine buyer, Matt Beall, “phenomenal.” They range in price from $15.99 - $29.99.

Now for the bad news.

According to our primary distributor, United Natural Foods, Inc., Wholesoy has decided to stop production to focus on making additional facility upgrades.  They are aiming for early August to resume full production.

We’re sad to report that Phoenix Farms, another one of our favorite local partners, has closed up shop and will no longer be producing their delicious tofu.  We’ll miss you, Phoenix Farms!

Martha Philion
Bloomingfoods Grocery Buyer