Near West Side

Our newest store is our located on West Sixth Street.

IU Credit Union ATM

Our Near West Side store now has an IU Credit Union ATM! Find it in the back hallway, near the restrooms. Now, the next time you've forgotten cash on your way to the Farmers' Market, just stop in our store! Many thanks to our local credit union for making this possible! Learn more about them here:

Customer Suggestions at the New Store

ImageAs the comment cards have come rolling in I have been sorting them into categories. Some go into department categories, meaning that the grocery people know they have to find more space for cold drinks, the café people are looking for more chairs, the customer service team has placed an even bigger “10 items or less, please” sign on the front register, etc. Some of the comments are congratulatory, “It’s so exciting and beautiful,” (why thank you, we think so too!). Some are not so congratulatory. A few are things that I’m sure the writer would never say to his or her mother, not for any money.

Most comments have been constructive, well-thought, and absolutely right. It is a joy to have such thoughtful and caring customers, be they members or just friends.


Organic Beer Follow-up: Butte Creek’s 100 Percent Organic Beers

ImageGreetings to all from the Near West Side Grocery!  I am posting today to let you know about three more 100% organic beers.  If you saw my February blog entry (“We’re Hoppin’ Mad” ) you’ll remember that the FDA allows beers to be labeled and sold as organic while being produced with non-organic hops.  There are not enough organic hops currently grown to satisfy the needs of large-production organic beers and the cost of organic hops prohibits many smaller producers from using all or even


Cheese Chat with Kate

ImageKate Dougherty is the cheese buyer at our new Near West Side store. You’ll find her cheese case next to the self- service salad and hot bar, at our in-house café. In the case you’ll find an exceptional variety of cheese, including those Kate describes here. Watch the cheese case and check in with Kate to learn more about the taste treasures she plans to procure for us.

Keep reading to learn more about:
Vacche Rosse Parmigiano Reggiano

Tallegio Cows’ Milk Cheese

Fiscalini Cheddar



Tuesday Market Opens June 3rd at 6th & Madison

To Market to Market...

Beginning on Tuesday June 3rd, shoppers will be able to find the Farmers’ Market on Madison Street at our Near West Side Market and Deli! The City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation’s Tuesday Market, a weekday version of the popular Saturday Farmers’ Market, will open for the season from 4-7pm. Its new location is at Sixth and Madison Streets, next to Bloomingfoods Near West. The Tuesday Market will take place every week through the end of September. Admission is free.

  “We’re thrilled to be moving in next to Bloomingfoods Near West,” says Marcia Veldman, City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Farmers’ Market Coordinator. “Not only will it be very convenient for customers to be able to shop at both locations, I think the Tuesday Market will have the kind of energy that will make people want to stick around and enjoy a relaxing summer evening.”